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How to Romance a Woman

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Women think a lot differently from men, so a lot of things that men take for granted actually mean a lot to women. This article will look at some of the ways to romance a woman.

The first way is through the use of compliments and this can be very powerful if used right and can make a woman feel truly appreciated and loved, just make sure that any compliment you give is sincere and not just something you are trying to use to impress her. Also try to make your compliments as specific as you can for instance instead of just saying you like her dress it is better to say that you like to color or the design of the dress.

Another good way is through the use of jokes, women love people who are funny and the more you make a woman laugh the more she would be interested in what you are trying to say. The best way to use jokes is to use them a lot but do not use too much the idea is to make her see you not only as a funny guy but also as a guy who is trying to romance her.

Listen to her, one of the complains that women usually have is that guys do not listen. Women like to talk about themselves just ask her to tell you about her day and listen as she tells you everything she did and then you can ask her about the things she said she did during the day. This lets her know that you were listening and that she is actually important to you.

Never try to impose your views on her unless she asks you for your opinion this helps to prevent unnecessary arguments and makes the woman feel better about herself.

All in all, just by listening to a woman, making her laugh and complimenting her on what you like about her, you should be able to romance any woman.


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