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Relationships have come a long way from being simple basic where the man was the one who made the first step and woman played the coy one. With the tizzy changes in attitudes and lifestyles, the bad news is that there is no single common, time tried and tested answer to the question "how to get attract only princes ". But the good news is that there are several answers to the question, and you can choose the answer that best suits your lifestyle and psychology. To put it more simply, men are like snowflakes; no two men are the same, and therefore it goes without saying that the ways to attract them are different too. However, there are some basic aspects that one has to remember while trying to first impression.

Tip # 1: Don't Make Them Try Too Hard

The days of chivalry are long gone. Try to be too unattainable and the men may just ignore you first and then completely forget you. This is the twenty-first century, the age of equal opportunities. And now comes the reason that there is no set answer to the question, how to get a boyfriends? There are still some men and women who like to go the old fashioned way, from courting to dating to proposing and finally to living together. It is a well-known fact that a relation is made of two people, and someone somewhere is made for you. Therefore, what turns on one man may not, and that may be the beginning of the end for many relations.

Tip # 2: Be Yourself

Though this may sound clinch, it is one of the greatest truths in love and relationships. Being your own self all the time solves a lot of problems for both the people in the relation. And then, there is only one you, the exciting, sensual, mysterious you. Why would you want to spoil it for him by being someone else whom he or the entire world knows very well?

Tip # 3: Dedication and Loyalty

These are possibly the strongest pillars of any relation, and not just the relation of love. A man, by birth and by psyche is the more adventurous of the genders, and opposites always attract. Therefore, even the most macho of men would like to come home to a homely and cheerful wife, of whom he is sure that she has nothing dangerous in past, or would she leave him all of a sudden for the next best thing on the horizon.


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