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Some of the mistakes people generally commit in online dating are mentioned below

1.Giving false information

While dating online do not provide the personal information like cell phone number and home address. This doesnt mean that you give false information on your profile. You should be honest and sincere to your partner while chatting online or exchanging mails.

2.Profile with no photo

Profile with photo receives 10 times visits than that without one. If you do not upload your photos many women assume that you have something to hide. You must upload your recent and nice photo, if possible created from professional photo services.

3.Sending ineffective message

Usually there are services like sending winks in online dating sites and you need to pay if you want to send message. If you just give a wink then she will take you as a cheap and not serious guy.

Before sending message go thorough with her profile, include an attractive subject, give compliments about any interesting thing you find in her profile. This will let her feel that you are serious and you are reading her profile in detail. You must respond quickly to the message she has sent you.

4.Making sexual approach

Unless it is an adult dating sites, you should not make your sexual approach while sending emails or chatting online. This may end your relation before it starts.

5.Making rush

If you have created a nice profile on dating site, you will receive lots of emails from the interested members but do not rush to answer all of them. Also do not hurry to give call or chat over internet. You should rather find a compatible partner and start exchanging mails.

It is not wise to ask her personal information too soon, in the first or second meeting. Do not scare your partner asking phone number, personal email address in the first message.

6.Ready to date soon

If you have an offer of a date after the first or second email, do not rush to go on a date. You could start by meeting online and chatting or talking over the phone. All you need to know her well before going out for a date.

7. Unknown about what you are seeking

Before joining a dating site, think carefully what kind of partner is compatible with you. What kind of quality do you search in your partner?

In that way you do not waste your time messaging a girl who loves to stay at home rather than partying, while you are a party animal.


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