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Things Women Love
Things Women Love To Hear

Generally, the things women love to hear can be placed into four categories: compliments about her appearance, words confirming your commitment to a future together, verbal displays of territorialism/jealousy, and questions that demonstrate an interest in her life.

Give compliments

The comedian Chris Rock said that women need three things: food, water and compliments. So, its not a matter of women just wanting to hear compliments, they actually cant live without them. If they dont get them, they might even shrivel up and die. If you can periodically reel off a nice compliment and genuinely mean it, dont hesitate to do so because the benefits will come back to you in spades. However, be careful not to flood the air with empty flattery, as even the most attention-starved girl will see through your seduction strategy and call you out.

Examples of things women love to hear:

You look incredible. Its simple and effective. Every girl wants to hear this, particularly when she has gone to some trouble to look nice.

Those jeans look great on you. This is a polite (and obvious) way of telling her that she has a nice ass.

Show commitment

When you include her in your future plans, youre giving her a glimpse of the security -- whether shes 19 or 36 -- that she probably craves. So, say something that indicates to her that you intend to be a part of her life for a long time. Invite her to a high school reunion thats still six months away. Its enough to let her know that you envisage a future together, but not so bold as to suggest marriage and the rest of it.

We have more things women love to hear for you to memorize

Examples of things women love to hear:

Id love to take you to (enter place of choice) this summer.

Im not interested in anyone else. In any relationship, questions will inevitably arise about your commitment to her, so when she asks, say something like this to counter her doubts and reassure her that youve found all you ever needed.

Be Jealous

Being creatures of the natural world, women expect men to be the protectors in a relationship. And when we dont act like it, they get irritated and begin to look elsewhere. We have to show them how much we care, which means that we have to get territorial once in a while. Were by no means suggesting violent outbursts and paranoid accusations, but rather, some gentle prodding that demonstrates that you dont want to lose her to anyone. At the end of the day, if you dont take an interest in your girls well-being, someone else will come along with an offer to do so.

Examples of things women love to hear:

Where were you? You dont have to be suspicious, just inquire about her whereabouts from time to time.

Whos that guy? Ask her this in a half-joke, half-serious tone and she will think its cute that youre still evaluating the competition.

Ask questions

You can win major brownie points just by demonstrating an interest in her day-to-day affairs. Of course, this means paying attention to previous conversations and remembering key details that you can impress her with later.

Examples of things women love to hear:

How was your day? Asking her something as simple as this can be an effective and engaging start. Be careful, though: even this phrase has been known to spark hour-long conversations about things that may mean very little to you.

Hows your brother doing? Better, I hope? Show her your compassionate side and ask about her friends or family members whom she mentioned were ill or going through some problems. She will be impressed that you remembered and grateful for someone to speak to about it.

Things Women Love

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