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Contrary to popular beliefs, men and women can never be equal. You can't distribute equal attention to people who are not the same in the first place, and can never be the same. When it comes to relationships, what is needed is understanding and the passion to satisfy the needs of each other. There is no such thing as a law of equivalent trade. That is why girls rules about dating guys have to be practiced by girls who believe that men are as wonderful creatures as they are, but oftentimes misunderstood, just as they are. With this assumption does the girls rules about dating guys choose to rely on.

Some self-professed feminists will tell you that to please men is to admit to yourself that you are a lesser sex. Well sister! That is not the right kind of feminism. The true goal of the fight for equal rights is not to annihilate man or at least take over their power. The goal is to be able to dream a world side by side with them, not behind them. This true understanding will all start with a more personal undertaking - dating. We have to take note the girls rules about dating guys so that we will know how to treat our men in the long run.

First rule of all: look presentable. It is not so hard to admit to yourself that you want to be liked. You have to acknowledge how the society and even biology dictates that relationships all started with physical attraction. There is no harm in trying to be aptly dressed everyday. You don't really need to do the extra mile of dressing up. You just have to look hygienic and someone who lives in the 21st century and you are good to go.

With being presentable comes confidence. You don't only stay fit just to attract the opposite sex. It has to be all about your self-worth. If you don't like yourself that much, it will eventually show and that is not a good indication for the guys. The girls rules about dating guys tell you that men wants their women to love themselves. That will be the first reason for them to love and respect you as well.

However confident you are, never ever flaunt everything as if your whole life is a news flash. Don't think that all your experiences are very interesting your guy would love to hear everything about it. Not yet girlfriend. You have time for that when you decided to take your relationship to the next step, but during dating? That's not a good idea. You have to exude mystery and subtlety. It doesn't mean that you are going to do that because that is what's expected of you. The thing is you already have that in yourself - mystery, you are a woman. Guys can never know exactly what you are, how you feel, what you think about. Let it stay that way because that's what guys love the most about us. The challenge, the great unknown, the constant searching and longing.

The girls rules about dating guys are not all about trying to attract the other sex because we think that we can only be complete as girls because of them. We do that because we love guys and we just have to get what we love as much as they do. But that does not mean that you will stop standing up for yourself. There is no reason why you can't say "no" to a guy. You love them, that's true enough. But they should love and respect you in return.


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