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Stephanie Eldred
Just because your lady won't readily admit to judging you based on your appearance, rest assured that she knows what you look like and has feelings about how you present yourself. There is no way she won't notice if you gain 25 pounds or decide to compete for the Guinness record for longest toenails, so don't use this myth as a foundation for letting yourself go and giving up just because you landed the woman of your dreams.

Reality: Even though we like to believe that love, like beauty, isn't only skin deep, your lady has every right to expect some level of maintenance, even after the initial stages of dating. Don't worry, this doesn't mean you'll be forced into slave labor at the local gym in a quest for the ideal abs, but it does mean that you will need to make reasonable efforts to keep up your looks and remain at least recognizable as the man she agreed to date and fall in love with. I'm sure you'd like it to work both ways, so set a good example.

Stephanie Eldred

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