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Alex Coulson |
Opening a conversation with a woman is vital to getting the date. In the same way the first date is vital to getting the second date. The thing about relationships is that they're always fluid and always changing. As guys we tend not to think about this but let me assure you that women are constantly thinking about it. They evaluate relationships like we analyze things...constantly.

So to secure yourself as a future dating partner it's essential that the first date you have with a woman makes her feel good. Relationships are all about feeling to a woman. If she doesn't feel good about a relationship then the relationship is bad.

Most women are constantly being torn apart by their emotions. Yes is no, no is yes, the right choice is the wrong choice or maybe not. Their lack of sticking to a decision can be very frustrating to deal with. And don't make the mistake of trying to fix this for her. You'll find yourself lost in the twilight zone!

So how are you supposed to make her feel good about her choice to go out on a date with you? Simple. You don't. There's an old Chinese proverb that says, "turn your enemy's strength against them." In this case she's not your enemy but she may become your opponent. Her strength is her ability to relate and feel. Since you'll never be able to compete in that arena you'll want to get her to do the work for you.

Early on during your first date ask her what caused her to make the decision to go out on a date with you. She'll probably go over your positive attributes and share some really nice things about why she felt it was a good idea. While she's talking about all this two things are happening. She's reinforcing her decision in her own mind and she's watching you react favorably to her choices.

This will giver her a feeling of acceptance of herself and acceptance from you. A few well placed comments commending her for her judgment will go a long way toward securing that second date.

Alex Coulson |

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