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So, you are looking for a dating partner. You are attending parties, trying to locate someone suitable, talking to friends and requesting them to let you know if they come across someone who may be right for you.

Like you, many others are looking for a suitable partner. And few of them may find that you look quite suitable. But they dont approach you. Why - fear of rejection. Your general manner of behaving and talking may not be very outgoing and friendly. You may be limiting your talks to the minimum required and may be looking like someone who is not very friendly and may reject an offer of a date.

This is true for many. They dont look very friendly. People dont want to risk asking them for a date. This makes their job of getting a suitable date tougher. What if they learn to smile often? To go beyond the curt talk they do and act friendlier with others. It would surely help if they change their business like approach.

Many of you are introvert. Many of you stop your talk after finishing the business. Let us give you a simple example. You will find two kinds of people - one who will chat with the cabbie about his life and other who would get in a cab and get out without speaking an extra word. The earlier type is friendlier and takes interest in people. Make dating a two way street. Like you are searching for a partner, open the doors to others who are searching for someone like you. Your job will become much easier.

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