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Secrets of the Star Signs

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John Hayes
Want to score with a Scorpio? What's the perfect date for a Pisces? Care for a Capricorn? All will be revealed in our love secrets guide.

Astrology can identify the particular traits and preferences of each star sign and guide you to making the best moves and approaches to impress the one you have eyes on - or help you understand your current partner that little bit more to help your relationship run more smoothly and maintain the excitement of that first date.

It's a bit of fun, but with a serious insight into what Astrology has to say about the intimate preferences of a typical star sign. Just click on your chosen sign below, but shhh! Don't tell!

Since Cupid hangs out in some strange places it is worth considering how astrology can help us pin him down and so discover the areas that promise the greatest romantic opportunities. Each zodiacal sign has its own unique path to love, places or situations where we're more likely to meet our soul mate and it is often not where we expect.

Traditional astrology describes the 5th house and the sign on the cusp as indicating love affairs and sensual enjoyments. Together with Venus, the sign on the 5th house, and the cosmic state of the sign's ruler, tell us a lot about our love life. What follows is intended to provide you with a better understanding of your romantic possibilities and the situations and environments that are most favourable to finding love and romance.

John Hayes

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