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Are you looking for love in all the wrong places? Do you yawn your way through an art gallery hoping to meet someone? Hang out in bars even though you despise drinking? Hate football with a passion, but watch games anyway in case someone interesting turns up?

Start looking for love in the right place! If you do, you'll meet a kindred spirit who shares your major interests, thereby increasing the chance for a much sweeter romance. Read on and discover where you're most likely to meet your dream date, and make a lifetime mate!


Aries, you should go where there is ample activity, unless your dream lover is a stay-at-home couch potato type. Frequent dance clubs or regularly engage in your favorite sport or exercise. Maintain eye contact during the five-second flirt. Don't let your eyes dart about to check out who else came into the room in the last three seconds. To make love last, sometimes you have to be the lamb, not the Ram. And, there are other ways to spice things up than starting an argument.


You may be inclined to stick to old familiar haunts, but that may only bring old familiar faces. At least twice a month, try someplace new. Making eye contact is important, but if you really want to wow them, use your Taurean laughter that few can resist, which has been categorized as "free as a waterfall, sweeter than music." Spice things up by giving your partner TLC instead of expecting them to fuss over you. Flatter your intended for the same reason. Try a new look that strikes your fancy and will catch their eye.


To meet new people, see if there is a nearby bar that's big on conversation. Join a little theater group. Try karaoke! OK, you don't have to sing, just be an enthusiastic audience. Focus during the five-second flirt. Don't continue talking to someone else. Maintain eye contact. You can be exceedingly charming when there is something you want. Could others pick up on that subtle form of manipulation? To keep the heart fires aglow, you might also try devoting time to your mate instead of only quick fix "instants."


Since you absorb moods so easily, go where optimism, fun, and laughter rule. Enroll in a cooking school or spend time at home and hobby shows. Remember, whatever you are interested in supplies a kindred spirit. You are already magnetic when you flirt. Just sweetly smile and let yourself be drawn into the depths of another's eyes. To have and to hold, spice things up by being less the "hermit crab." Instead, go out for romantic seafood dinners.


The right places to find your lifetime mate may be dance clubs where you show off your grace and style. Or, try theater groups. Just don't try to star in every play. That alienates even the most devoted fan. Try conversational bars, but be willing to listen. In the five-second flirt, make eye contact both humble and sincere. Your smile is dazzling, Leo, but try it with a mini-dose of shyness. To have, hold and spice things up, you can't lose when you let your mate be the center of attention and do what they enjoy.


This year, seek romance in learning situations. Take a course. You may be limiting your opportunities by going to the local pub "where everybody knows your name." New places mean new faces! Of course, a health club is a great place for a Virgo to meet a mate. Try a flirting rehearsal in the mirror to see if your eyes aren't unconsciously analyzing every mole, scar or piece of lint. Relax and make the most of your seductiveness. And oh yes, it is there. To have, hold and spice things up: Let your hair get mussed. Undo a button. Romance isn't about efficiency and technique.


Seek romance during Happy Hour, after work, when potential partners want to see a friendly smile and be made to feel special. You are just the person to provide both, lovely Libra. During the five-second flirt, remember: it's iris-to-iris concentration and not about thinking of 1001 other things including how quickly you can coerce them into commitment. To make love last: Surprise a mate and make a decision all by yourself! Just ensure you aren't making a choice for them.


For the Scorpion, there's no place like a quiet, dark and intimate lounge to complement your mysterious aura. The five-second flirt is easy. Let your big, intense eyes gaze adoringly into another's, with trust. To spice things up with a partner: At least once a month, recreate the intensity or passion that won your mate's heart in the first place. Sweep them away on the tidal wave you feel inside, in a positive way. Or rent movies about intrigue, intensity, and mistrust instead of living it.


A Sagittarian shines at a conversational bar, a dance club or music venue that promotes activity - and of course, the usual horseback riding clubs, or sports bars that make big race days into a party. During the initial flirt, keep your eyes from nervously flitting around the room. Gaze at your intended with the confidence that you can make the impossible really happen instead of just promising it. To keep a mate happy, think "romantic evening," or easy living, with not so much going on that your partner feels as if they've bought a ticket on a carnival ride.


You may not only find love through business organizations and taking courses, Capricorn, but also in something fun and relaxing. Plan to be spontaneous, and remember: it is not just business. When flirting, remember to gaze at your intended, while remembering the words someone (probably your grandmother) may have said more than once: "Your face is going to freeze that way!" In other words, smile and relax. To have, hold and spice things up, acquaint yourself with the words "zing," "zest," and "pizzazz." Then practice them.


It is easy to meet kindred spirits in volunteer or humanitarian groups and political gatherings. Just make sure they belong to your party, not the opposition! When flirting, Aquarius, make solid eye contact and take your feelings out of the file marked "Intellectual Approach." Show them instead. To spice things up: Be available to play with others, not always by yourself, and do so more often. Visualize a romantic dream, and this time, fulfill it for someone special.


You meet people in quiet pubs where people can hear your soft voice, Pisces, or in music bars where you don't have to talk at all. Try a health club. You won't overindulge and you'll feel better. During the five-second flirt, engage in eye contact and think positive thoughts that make your eyes glow with expectation and optimism. To spice things up with your mate, forget playing the role of the martyr. Create and relive happy memories, with a big accent on the word "happy."

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