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Year 2009 Horoscope

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Kamal Kapoor
Love, Family and Social Life


The beginning of the year is coming with some troubles. There would be a number of issues which are waiting for exact solution. Sometimes, situations would be going out of control and you may not express your feelings in a proper way. Your spouse may also fall sick. Moreover, chances of separation may also be there. The second and last phases of year are favorable as far as your married or love life is concerned. During these phases most of the problems would be solved due to your sincere efforts.


Obviously, starting of the year would be good for you; you would be enjoying all comforts with your spouse. Both of you have a good sense of understanding each others feelings in a proper way. Due to mutual understanding, conjugal happiness would be enjoyed by you. However, from September 2009 to December 2009, I can see some troubles in married life. Both of you may have regular fights and differences. Those are unmarried and looking for matrimonial proposals, it may happen from March 2009 to August 2009.


The first phase of year 2009 would be prosperous for those who are married. You would be enjoying all worldly comforts with your life partner. This is the time when you may have outstanding understanding with your spouse. You would like to spare much time with your family. Children would be source of happiness and prosperity. Any ceremony/celebration may also take place at home. The middle phase of the year, especially from July 2009 to September 2009 would be a painful period in relation of domestic life. During this time, you would be much aggressive and it would be slightly complicated to control your anger. You would like to dominate your spouse and other family members. Hence, you need to keep cool yourself.


During the 2009, your family-life will be happy and peaceful; your spouse and children will be very loving and caring. You will lead a prosperous and happy family-life; there could be a celebration in the family. The performance of your children will instill a sense of pride and joy in your mind. You may spend a lot for having some renovations done to your house-building in this year. Your mother may suffer from some minor ailments. In the year 2009 Chances of a foreign trip may also there. Wedding bells may ring for those who are still unmarried and looking for a suitable match.


Beginning of the year is not favorable for domestic atmosphere as 7th lord Mars is going over the 8th house along with Sun. 4th house is also afflicted due to transiting Saturn. Hence, a number of troubles would be there in family. Your relation would be spoiling day by day with your spouse and other family members. There is needed to go slow in love affairs as you may have enmity with your sweets heart since of unknown reasons. Those who are unmarried and waiting for their turn, may get good chances for marriage. The month of March/April/May/June would be encouraging in relation to personal relationships


Definitely the period form January 2009 to May 2009 would be a critical period as far as your love or married life is concerned. You would be in deep troubles. A lack of mutual understanding with spouse/life partner would be clearly observed. You are advised to resolve the misunderstanding amicably for happy and harmonious married life. Your good behavior shall have better influence on the children. Keep your spouse happy and accede to the desires of children to the extent you can, within your means.


The period form January 2009 to April 2009 is showing some troubles in married life. Chances of separation or divorce would be very high. But, during the second and last phases of the year, your relationship would go very smoothly with your spouse/lover. If, you are single and looking for dream prince or princess, your search may end now. It is strongly possible; you will meet your destination. If, you are already in love, you will spare some memorable moments with your partner. It is a perfect month as far as worldly comforts are concerned. However, if, you are married, you may experience some tensions too.


The months of January/February/March/April would be unfavorable months for married or personal life. There would be a number of troubles in family. But, from May 2009 to December 2009 would be a fabulous period. You will be happy with family or blessed with happiness from children, respect and happiness. If you are single and looking for dream prince or princess, your search may end now. There is no doubt; family atmosphere would be full of happiness and prosperity.


From January 2009 to June 2009, it would be a slightly difficult period for domestic or family life. Frequent fights, hot arguments may take place. Chances of separation or break-up may also be there. But, I can see good changes during the 2nd and last phases of year. These phases can bring Success, pleasant functions, recognition of service, agreeable events, outstanding reports, gain of wealth, pleasure, prosperity and auspicious functions.


First phase of year is showing some troubles in married life. Possibly, Family atmosphere will remain disturbed. There might be a lack of mutual understating and cooperation. Those are married will face some certain obstacles in relation married life. You would not able to enjoy your conjugal life. Later, during the 2nd and last phases of the year 2009, there is no major trouble is seen. Possibly, middle and end of the year is good in relation of love and married life.


During the beginning of the year 2009, planetary position is good in relation to married or love life. Hence, you may enjoy your life along with all comforts. But, during the second phase of the year, domestic troubles would be on rising. Hence, you might have to experience disputes and a lack of mutual understanding in between you and your spouse. You should be careful towards difference with spouse and quarrels on minor issues. The month will be troublesome and an unhappy one. There will be distress due to mother, with close associates and relatives.


The first phase of the year is going to create some troubles in married or personal life. You would be leading a disturbing domestic atmosphere. Nothing will happen according to your plan or satisfaction. There would be various types of issues in married life which would be spoiling peace of mind. Later, from April 2009 to August 2009, I can see some changes in personal life. Now circumstances would be revolving in your favor. The months of September/October/November/December are also auspicious in relation of married life.

Kamal Kapoor

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