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How do we meet a promising partner outside of the workplace? If we come home exhausted every night, how can we meet anyone? We can only hope to be lucky enough to meet someone on the job.


For this fire sign being discreet might be difficult. With Aries, what you see is what you get, and they rarely care what others think. If you fall for an Aries on the job, you'd better be prepared for some disapproving looks.


Taurus natives can be discreet enough. They tend to be rather laid back, and usually don't like to call attention to themselves. Yet a Taurus loves very deeply, and her feelings tend to be written all over her face. If a Taurus is interested in you, you may not draw disapproval, but you'll certainly provide grist for the rumor mill.


A Gemini loves to talk, and tends to act on impulse. If you observe a Gemini constantly visiting the desk of one particular person, talking a blue streak, chances are there's more going on here than conversation. Yet Gemini's childlike nature doesn't usually attract attention.


Cancer is very solicitous of those she loves. Have you noticed someone constantly visiting the desk of another, perhaps bringing that person coffee, or extending invitations to lunch? A Cancer may not express affection openly, but her desire to care for loved ones tells it all.


Leo natives love to be admired. If you fall for a Leo while you're on the job, you don't need to be obvious about it. Just tell him constantly how great you think his work is! He'll eat it up - and will definitely respond in a positive way!


A Virgo is perhaps the most conscientious about avoiding the combination of business and pleasure. She is very serious about her work, and may rebuff promising office romances for the sake of propriety. Yet quiet respect and affection - and making the effort to walk with her to the parking lot after hours - could still win her over.


Libra's objectives are perhaps the most difficult to comprehend. A Libra is kind, polite, and tactful to everybody, so you need to be careful not to misjudge his intentions. But if he makes a point of sitting at your table at lunchtime, or monopolizing your company at an office party, you've made a conquest!


There is no mistaking the smoldering sexual energy of Scorpio. Even on the job, this force is difficult to hide. If you're interested in a Scorpio, you'll know very quickly whether or not it's reciprocated. You may be the one to have to set the rules, however. Like Aries, Scorpio rarely cares what people think.


Sagittarians are friendly people, and can often show strong interest in people that is more intellectual than romantic. Unless there are strong signals of romantic interest, be careful how you respond. You don't want to raise any eyebrows if there's no real reason to do so.


Capricorn natives are generally too much into their jobs to combine business with pleasure, so if you fancy a Capricorn, forget it. Still, it wouldn't hurt to learn about their interests outside the workplace. If a fascinating Capricorn has a strong interest in Shakespeare or the Rolling Stones, you might want to check out performances in your area!


An Aquarius for the most part only pursues romance once they've been friends with someone for a while. Treat an attractive Aquarius like a sibling until you get unmistakable signals otherwise. Then be prepared to confine any sort of special attention to after hours. Again, no need to attract unwelcome attention from colleagues.


A Pisces is a born romantic, both on and off the job. Their behavior is beyond reproach, yet their feelings are so obvious that few will miss their signals. If you desire romance with a Piscean colleague, you may have to face the fact that people are going to talk about you. As long as you can, keep telling people there's nothing to talk about!


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