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If you are looking for opportunities to meet new people, slavic women - Russian, Belorussian or Ukraininan girls, online dating website New Dating is the easiest way.
If you have already got acquainted with a wonderful Russian lady and maybe you have a nice correspondence with her, even call her sometimes, it may turn not enough in due course. Each side will want more. The best way to improve the situation is to make a date. But if you feel not ready to visit your Russian lady in her country and to arrange Russian dating in real life you may start with the online Internet date. For example, you may ask your lady to visit your own site where a nice present is waiting for her. It may be whatever you want, but your goal is to impress her. Besides that there is a site in the Internet where you can even register your marriage online. You both should come at the same time there and the online ceremony will start. At the end you'll even get a marriage lisence. It's not so serious of course, but this will be the best dating with your Russian lady which can give start to something new in your relationships. In Russia have got used to complain. Not without the bases. Theoretically rich country holds the inhabitants on a short rations and shows false modesty, while black cash departments swell. Even the word "people" means in Russia not all population of the country, and only its "weight" which is living in penury and lawlessness of many centuries successively.

If books of complaints laid in Russia at all corners, empty pages would not remain in one. Even Pushkin has told: "Features me has pulled, with mind and talent, to be born in Russia". Almost everyone at heart considers, that in the "good" country it would live as king. Though there is no confidence that any Lui or Henry would allocate to Pushkin the salary of chambers-cadet that wrote verses and in what to itself did not refuse. Bodler here veins also has died in poverty. But in the Russian person feeling, that the country has run into debt to it, became genetic. It mourns over that, hates - and, and the native land.

Therefore also there was a joke when Brezhnev suggests to Kosygin to open borders: "you that, - speak Brezhnev - then we with you here together shall stay". "It's not right, - answers Kosygin, - you will stay one". Since then many Russians have looked the world.

One have solved, that their destiny - on the native land, others would like, but could not be arranged in the safe countries, the third have found themselves abroad. Also continue to be surprised, if the American or the Frenchman selects a residence Russia. To much does not come to mind, that today's Russia is attractive to a life not less any European country, that in it - as against the USSR where only representatives of the third world voluntary settled, - thousand safe foreigners from the safe countries have located.

I know the person, whose father - the Chinese, the communist and the translator from Russian - ran with family from Mao-dze-Dun in "Soviet paradise", but, having seen, that here occurs actually, has decided to leave. It have not let out and have forced to rename the child. The family and has lived here while father has not died, and the evolved child has not emigrated to the USA. Having grown rich in America, it has returned to live to Moscow.

Foreigners see Russia differently, than we. Even those who lives here for a long time. The Austrian, the Chilean, the French, the American and the Italian have told, why live in Russia. The general: here it is more interesting, on the native land do not miss. And all have kept citizenship of the country.


Paul' Shobel' - the 35-years general director of firm "Trust Estate" - lives in Moscow almost six years. Has for the first time arrived to Russia as the participant of the international Olympiad of schoolboys on Russian and has received a silver medal. Perfectly speaks Russian, though the clear reasons of bent for language were not: neither roots, nor communistic propensity, hobby for the Lion Thick. Russian started to learn casually: wanted to master any rare language, for example ancient greek but as the favourite teacher knew Russian on it and has stopped.

Assures, that western people operate with mind, and Russian - soul, but it was resulted to Russia with feeling. First - language from love to the teacher, then - Russian dating. Paul', the truth, searches in it for rational grain: the Austrian women supposedly aspire to independence, want to be in all level with men and watch, that household chores too halved strictly. The Russian wife can conduct itself a facilities and equality does not demand.

With the wife they firstly lived in Vienna: Paul' worked in the Academy of sciences. Nothing prevented it to continue scientific career, and to the wife - to enjoy a life. However it has for some reason solved, as it is uneasy to the wife on foreign land, and it can better apply the knowledge in Russia. Here the opportunity of work in Moscow by the adviser under the real estate in the Austrian firm was gave. There also has worked some years. Recently became the general director of the Russian firm and very much it is proud of that there - the unique foreigner. Communicating almost exclusively with Russian, he totally became Russified and he is anxious by our problems: creation of mass habitation and hypothecary programs. Considers, that while in Russia there is an advance payment of trust to foreigners, as to businessmen more fair, than domestic. The reputation which it has earned hopes, that, will help to make firm successful: "it is a lot of Firms, but in result will survive only fair".

Difference of Russia sees that "in Moscow a life is more dynamic, always something occurs, dialogue is more interesting: there were many crises, and Russians have more gone through. Here, Thank God, immunity against slogans was developed, and in Austria people trust propagation". From advantages of the Austrian life names three: buns (the Viennese batch - the best in the world), GAI and that in Austria it is easier to earn money. In the sense that in Russia there is a weight of absurd obstacles. "Moscow all over again pushes away, and then tightens and does not release. Why pushes away? The further you move on the East, the it is more antagonism between and another's. Russia - European, but east country. Another's tears away, but I already the. Having lived, from here it is difficult to leave".

In Russia Paul' became superstitious. Coming back, looks in a mirror, attacks a leg to not quarrel, and does not greet through a threshold. Russia wishes one: more than any revolutions.
If you are looking for opportunities to meet new people, slavic women - Russian, Belorussian or Ukraininan girls, online dating website New Dating is the easiest way.

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