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Valentines Day Gift Ideas

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Sherri Osborn,
Check out these great St. Valentine's Day gifts shared by visitors just like you! Unique, home-made gift ideas for mom, dad, boyfriends, girlfriends, teachers, friends, anyone! Nothing quite says 'I Love You' like a personalized gift handmade by you.

1. Hugs Box Gift

Pathfinder gives instructions for making a fun gift. This is a simple gift that mainly requires wrapping a box wth colorful paper and it includes a special poem.

2. Scoop of Hugs and Kisses

Use a laundry scoop and some candy to make a gift for someone special. A unique gift idea submitted by Kitkat.

3. Candy Plant

Give a traditional gift in a fun, new way. Create candy flowers in a terra cotta clay pot.

4. Valentine Heart Jar

Use painting techniques to decorate a jar that would make a fun gift. Use it as a candy holder or a candle holder! Submitted by visitor Heavenley Treasures.

5. Paper Heart Pin

Barb shares instructions for making a heart-shaped pin out of paper. Once completed, you will not believe it is made using paper and glue!

6. Personal Canvas Bag

Lynette K. submitted these suggestions about how to make a special canvas bag. This bag can be personalized for any person or any occassion.

7. Photo Flower Craft

HSBOATLADY shares instructions for making flowers with a photo in the center. A fun gift for anyone to display - perfect for a desk at the office or a tabletop at grandma and grandpa's house!

8. Daily Love

Check out the great ideas Albrightt shares for giving a daily gift of "love" to someone special. All that is needed is paper, a pen, and your creativity!

9. Handprint Poem Gift

Made from a piece of paper and a handprint, this simple gift ideas shared by Lynette will be a hit for anyone. Includes a great poem that just might bring a tear to the recipient's eye!

10. Valentine Vase and Flowers

Find out how Laura makes a cute vase using toilet tissue rolls and heart shaped 'flowers' using paper and popsicle sticks! You can even write special messages on the flowers!

Sherri Osborn,

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