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Surviving After A Break Up

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Surviving spiritually after a break up can be difficult for a lot of people. This is because that many people feel that God has abandoned them. In reality, it is the spouse or lover that has done the abandoning, but most of us tend to worship our lovers as if they were gods. Others of us see them as gifts from God and then wonder what we have done wrong to have this gift taken away.

The usual result of a break up is a loss of faith. Most of us believe that what we have lost is faith in God, but in reality what we have really lost is our faith in human beings. The fallacy in this belief is that human beings dont mistakes or change their minds. In fact, putting all of your faith and trust in one human being is bound to let us down sooner or later. Part of the challenge of breaking up is to see that people are human and that you can only have faith in yourself. Still, you are human and you make mistakes also, so your next option is to get mad at yourself because you let yourself down. That is usually what anger after a break up is all about. Anger at the self turned inwards. This can also lead to obsession and depression.

Creating love is not about owning another person. It is about generating a cycle of energy that easily recycles to create more love. To create love, you must also welcome the well-being and happiness and well-being of others into your heart. This includes your worst enemy. Otherwise, you are simply creating the kind of divisions that are antithetical to love's autonomous self-sustenance.

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