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Jason Bo Han
How to get your ex boyfriend or girlfriend back without pushing him or her further away?

So, you want to win your ex boyfriend or girlfriend back and there are many differing opinions regarding the things that you should do to get your ex back. Perhaps, you are feeling quite vexed and troubled over the question above and is trying to find a good answer.

Perhaps, some relationship experts will say that dating someone else will help you get your ex back because it creates jealousy in your ex and makes him or her want to get you back more? But is it really the best move or will it backfire?

With so many differing and conflicting advice, who should you really listen to. Should you be dating just after a break up or should you not? Is there more pros than cons or is it the other way round.

Well, it really depends on your intention for dating. If it is just some casual dating without any intention to go into a new relationship, then there is really nothing wrong with it. Ultimately, you have already broken up and should have the choice to date anyone.

However, if you are intending to use other person to spite your ex lover or to create jealousy, that is definitely not recommended as it can backfire. Sure, it might work for some people but it is probably not going to work for everyone. So, why do you want to take this risk?

Ultimately, your outcome will probably depend on your ex's personality. But, there are probably better ways to get your ex back than to date other men or women and use jealously.

For one reason, your ex boyfriend or girlfriend might be trying to get back together with you too but because you are dating someone else, he or she may mistakenly think that you have already move on and therefore, decided to give up altogether.

This is certainly not what you want to achieve. Also, it is definitely not a good idea to simply jump into a new relationship just after a break up. Rebound relationship seldom or almost never work and you may be simply using another person as a substitute for your ex lover. This will only result in 3 people being hurt.

It is usually easy for people to make mistakes when they are feeling too emotional. If you have been feeling quite low due to your break up, it may be a good idea to let your emotion heals first before taking the next step.

Jason Bo Han

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