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Ron Steiner
Love at first sight is something that many of us do no believe in until it happens to us. At some point, many of us have an experience where we walk into a room, a club, a friends house, wherever and we happen to lock eyes with someone so perfect that we cant look away. We are immediately filled with anticipation and excitement, and the eye contact continues throughout the night until you finally talk. When you finally do speak, you just seem to click. You like the same things, you finish each others sentences, and you are sure that this is what love at first sight is all about.

The love at first sight sensation is as real as the perfect person sitting in front of you, or so it seems. The way we react in a new relationship of any sort isnt always natural, so as you get to know one another better things may begin to seem not so perfect. Once you step outside of the overwhelming sensations of getting to know someone new you might realize that this isnt love at first site, but lust at first sight. And, thats not always a bad thing! Sometimes, the most intense lust can turn to love, so dont assume that you should just give up as soon as you realize its not real love at first sight.

Love at first sight is something that many people believe in because theyve had it happen to them. Others are a bit jaded because those that they thought were their love at first sight happened to be anything but a dream. Either way, its a powerful experience to have felt so connected to another individual so quickly that you were able to call it love. Whether it lasts is something that is totally individual and unique to each relationship, but it is possible. So, do you believe?

Ron Steiner

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