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Trust in the Internet is the most important!

Be careful! More than on hundred Internet scammers had been arrested on September 13, 2006 in Yoshkar-Ola (160km form Kazan)

They placed adds in Dating sites pretending to be women willing to get married a foreigner.

They used the photos of Russian actresses.

All of them were students hiding behind the photos. They got about 10-15% of the sum they swindled out from foreign men. They asked money for English classes, driving courses, urgent medical treatment for relatives etc.

Police revealed 10 apartments that were used as offices for scammers and withdrawn big sum of money.

Proceeding was instituted against scammers and swindlers.

There are many such blacklists nowadays. Very often scammed men organized black list in order to revenge. I have two kinds of opinion about it. From one side. Any information is useful and it may help to someone. From other side it should be objective. Sometimes man offended by refusal write to the site and blame a lady in scamming.

Nobody checks these blacklist so I wouldnt trust them to 100%. There are more efficient ways to catch a scammer in lie. Every man can make a small investigation. When we establish a new business we always investigate it before putting money in, so why we behave like a mad when it comes to a family, love and your future. Why dont we check anything? Its natural! The trust in the Internet is the most important.


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