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Am I too sensitive or is he too critical? This has been a constant issue in my relationship, My husband says something, and I get my feelings hurt, then he doesnt believe me or care about what he said. He tells me I am too sensitive and that he cant tell me a thing without me getting upset. He says all that, yet denies up and down that we need to see a couples therapist. When we are up, we are REALLY up, and I dont feel like anyone knows me like he does. I know it stems from our families. Mine didnt talk to each other rudely, and his family is very serious, straight forward, and even rude (by my standards) toward each other. I have also witnessed his father being highly disrespectful to his mother, which my husband agrees with me on. I worry about having children and spending my life with a man who I feel is constantly hurting my feelings. I also look at the other side and dont want to lose a great man if I am the one with hyper-sensitive issues.

Your assessment is correct in that you may be a little over sensitive and he may be a little insensitive and when a line is crossed over certain subjects that gap expands enough to be an issue with you. He needs to realize that he cant just blow off the fact that this upsets you. This is really the key point. Relationships are about understanding and adjusting and compromising. By whatever means, friends, unemotional discussion, (counseling would be good) you need to make him understand that this is an important issue and a potential long term deal breaker in your relationship if he doesnt modify his behavior. Hes not going to lose his manhood or persona if he bends a little.


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