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Dont hurry to judge me, because this is certainly not the case with me hating all men on earth and looking for the least of mistakes to criticize them. No, this is not the case. Ive also seen a lot of women moaning about the same thing, but my opinion is that once you want something, you cant just stay and wait, you got to do something to reach it. So, if you want to find that special someone, get up and go for it.

Now lets think about the best ways to find Mr. or Ms. Right. One of the most popular places for meeting both women and men are bars. Theres just one little problem about it: it works out only with those who are already used to frequently visiting bars. If youre not used to them, then youll probably be nervous, because you wont be comfortable with the place you are in and thus you will only frighten out all the possible dates. So, the chances to meet someone special are reduced to the minimum. Its as simple as that.

There also are other places where you could meet new people, such as: concerts, movie theaters, bookstores, coffee shops and so on. Its just a matter of you usually visiting these places. One of my friends, for example, has met his wife at a coffee shop they both liked to visit regularly; another friend of mine has met Her in a library. There is also Jack, one of my fellows, who has met Alice, his wife now, on an online dating service. He just went online and signed up for it. Nowadays, dating online services are the easiest and most popular way of meeting someone and there are a lot of good sites to choose from (,, Yahoo! Personals, and many others). Dating services have helped a lot of people and they really work out for you. First, you upload information about you, your interests, your personality, upload your photos on the site. Then, you are matched up with a man or a woman, you can communicate over the phone or email until you decide to meet that person face to face. Or you can just meet right away.

You can meet someone by another method too, that is to write an interesting and attractive ad and have it published in your local newspaper. Its only matter of paying some money to publish it. And if you are nervous about your looks or something like that, forget it! There are a lot of people out there who are just worried about it as you are.

Now lets think about what you could write in your ad to attract more people. This will be some personal information. Something like: Single 25-years-old Guy. Hobbies: Working, Watching Movies and Reading Books. Doesnt smoke. wouldnt work out a lot for you, believe me. Do you agree?

But what if we write another version of this ad? Something like: Single mid 20s Dude; Swimming Instructor; Loves Adventure Books and Movies. Doesnt smoke. Now, what about that? Sounds a bit more interesting, doesnt it?

In all the cases: whether you meet that special someone through an ad in the newspaper or whether you dont, you will still have fun and meet new people.

If you are willing to meet Ms. or Mr. Right, that could make you happy with love for the rest of your life, dont just stay, search the world for that and take some action .Looking for a man? Go into places, where men usually are. Looking for a woman? Go to social places women usually visit.


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