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Ways to Stay Relaxed

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Some of us live day to day in a pressure cooker environment, whether it be work, family obligations or expectations we place on ourselves. Whatever the case may be, I have a few ideas of ways to counterract this inevitable situation for so many of us. They are all tools you'll be able to implement in only five minutes at a time. Pick a few of them and try them out!

Here are 3 five-minute tools to use to stay more relaxed throughout your day:

1) Allow Yourself to do Absolutely Nothing for Five Minutes: So many of us are ruled by our "to-do" lists and obligations to others. Take five minutes to do absolutely nothing. Turn off all forms of communication ie phone, pager, close your e-mail, etc. Stare at the wall...close your eyes...lay on the floor...meditate...or whatever. The point is to try to shut out the inner dialogue saying, "You should be doing this..." or "You should be doing that." After the five minutes are up, the voice will be allowed to pop back into your brain and you can go about your day. Choose to listen - or not.

2) For Five Minutes Clear Away Some Clutter: A lot of us find that our environmental clutter can sometimes facilitate our mental clutter. Have you ever noticed how good it feels to clean your car out? For five minutes de-clutter one of your spaces - whether it be your car, office or home. For example, fill up a bag of papers you can throw away or shred but have been laying around taking up space. This can be very relieving - and relaxing - to many.

3) Take Five Minutes to Get it Out on Paper: The power of putting thoughts to paper can be highly relaxing and relieving to some. Use a small journal, spiral notebook or a loose scrap of paper to take five minutes to pour out your thoughts and feelings about whatever the heck you want. It doesn't need to make sense, or have any kind of flow. It's for you only and the purpose is to clear out, get in touch with a deeper part of yourself and for some, release pent up emotions.


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