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Teddy Shabba
What a Woman Wants in a Man

What is the ONE thing women want from a guy the most?"

Many people might think it may be money, security, looks, humor or any of that other stuff that most guys tend to think of.

Yet its Being a Real Man that's the one thing women want; it's a man whose real and knows what he i about and where he is going ...

Put in another way a woman is a woman and a man is a man and a man needs a woman and a woman needs a man, makes sense right?

To attract a woman you Do NOT need to "entertain her by "being funny".

You Do NOT need to impress her by bragging.

You Do NOT need to try and please her with attention and compliments.

Instead Attract a woman by giving her the full synesthesia of a "Real Man."

The Main reason a woman wants you is because you are a MAN. If you begin to act like a women or her own personal Court Jester; women will NOT be attracted to you. A women who doesn't need a man is called a Lesbian and not surprisingly even with these women acting like a women won't get you anywhere as well.

Here are 7 Ways of the Real Man

1. Maintain control during the date.

2. Never let her walk all over you.

3. Never complain or whine.

4. Learn how to say "no" to a woman and say it often.

5. Set clear goals in your life.

6. Be comfortable with yourself.

7. Be comfortable with all your desires,

A BIG part of becoming a Real MAN is to take matters into YOUR OWN HAND. Read this part VERY carefully, no one is going to live your life for you. You can't just sit there and expect attractive women to come to you.

Teddy Shabba

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