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Tips to Improve self Esteem

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People who don't feel good inside can either get in a pattern of abusive relationships, create a climate in their relationships where their partners never feel they can do enough to prove to them they love them - or be alone much of the time, afraid to connect with others at all.

Working on self-esteem issues not only can improve your mental health - but your relationship. If you believe you deserve to be loved, then you will be more open to receiving love.

The following are a few tips to begin the work of battling a low self-esteem:

Avoid minimizing what you do. Take credit for your accomplishments.

Stay away from toxic people who fuel your insecurity.

Rather than punish yourself for mistakes, figure out what you can learn that might help you in the future.

Learn self-talk skills to use when you are triggered to feeling badly. Watch out for cognitive distortions such as assuming and mind reading. Ask yourself, "What is the evidence to support my belief in this moment? Is there any?"

People who struggle with poor self esteem often seek approval externally rather than have the tools to find it on the inside. You can learn different ways of being. A great book on the subject is The Feeling Good Handbook by David Burns, MD. Another option is to find a therapist to help you sort it out (see my mini therapist directory for a short list of therapists across the country and other excellent therapist directories).

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