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Making Yourself Desirable

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Making Yourself Desirable

People who are active on the dating scene, wish that their date likes them. They are desperately looking for clues to find out the impression they have made on their date. If they like the person they are dating, this anxiety becomes overriding. Whether he/she likes me? Did I speak anything that could give any negative impression? How about my personality? Is it good? People with high self-esteem also sometimes get into this anxiety, because they do not want to hear no from their date. What can be done to make a positive impression on your date? Before we go forward, let us always remember that the current date is not the only choice. If he/she is lost, someone better will appear on the scene. You can put your best foot forward but they may have their own reasons to reject you. Those reasons may be totally different. So try your best but dont feel devastated, if rejected.


The very first quality you must display is total honesty. No lies. Not telling about everything does not mean lying, but if a question is asked, you must give a honest answer. That honesty will make your body language positive and the confidence will show in your eyes. Speaking honestly itself gives a lot of confidence. Honesty pays better dividends than any lies despite whatever one may think.


None of us is responsible for the way we look. We inherited it from our parents and we were never consulted about what kind of looks we wanted. So dont carry any negative thoughts if you dont look like a celebrity. Being self-conscious about the shape of your chin or nose will make you appear less confident. Do what you can do. Getting a new hair-style done, going for thorough cleaning of skin and all other such procedures. These show you to take care of what you have got and try to enhance your looks to create a positive impression.

Freshness and Hygiene

Before going on a date, scrub yourself thoroughly, use fresheners to make you feel good, use anti-perspirants if required and get checked with a dentist about mouth odor. Wear clothes that reflect your good taste and enhance your personality. Consult an expert if required.


Smile often while talking. Dont interrupt if your date is speaking, avoid all negative talks, and talk of topics that you feel might interest your date more. Why not ask in the beginning itself - I was feeling apprehensive about what all to talk with you because one has so much to talk about many issues. How about telling me your preferences? This will break the ice and your date will appreciate your honest and open approach.

Worrying kills whatever chances you have. Rather be confident that you are a desirable person. Count your positive qualities and regain your confidence. Dont ponder over the possible results. Prepare well and put your best foot forward.


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