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If your girl is a total sports nut, I suggest you suck it up and propose now. Otherwise, I have a few suggestions for you to help balance sports and date time.

I took the lady out for dinner and drinks the other day. We decided to hit up the local wing joint and burn our tongues on a little buffalo sauce, then quench that burning fire with a frosty mug of suds. I totally spaced on the timing, and it turns out there was a college football game on. Needless to say, my eyes wandered a few times, and I was busted. And guys, just a hint, if you're ever in this situation: I don't recommend explaining yourself by saying, "I was just checking out that hottie." It turns out, that's even worse. Who knew?!

So then, what are we to do? Here are a few ideas.

Take her to lunch during the week. She'll love that special, unexpected break from work. And unless you're a Cubs fan (and I'm sorry if you are, better luck next millennium), you should be in the clear. Oh, but beware March Madness.

Check the schedule. Maybe there's a slow week for your team. You can score extra points by taking her out on game night. Subtly drop a hint that missing the game is a small price to pay to be with her.

Take her to a game. If she agrees to go, she can hardly complain that you're watching the game. And who knows -- maybe you'll make a convert.

Here are a couple other helpful nuggets to remember.

No, you are not that sly. Stooping to fake-tie your shoe while you check the scores will get you caught every time.

Don't believe what you see on TV. It is not a good idea to check ESPN on your phone. Again, she is not fooled into thinking you are sending a picture message of your new puppy to your mom.

If you can pull it off, go on a double date, preferably with a bigger sports nut than yourself. You'll come off as the reasonable one, and she'll lower her expectations of you on dates. Pretty soon, you'll be eating ribs with no shame about the BBQ sauce covering your face.


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