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* The first and foremost advantage of online dating is that it requires very few resources: a computer, an Internet connection, and time. You just have to position yourself among the available and be in touch with like-minded singles. It is therefore accessible to anyone and anywhere.

* Since it is accessible from anywhere and anytime, you really do not have to scrub up yourself and make it on time to make that first impression. You can do so from the comfort of your bed or dinning table or in a messy family area. No fear of being rejected or getting embarrassed. In fact if you feel that you are not that good looking, you can impress the opposite sex with your witty emails and thoughtful replies.

* The net makes things simpler. Online dating offers you the freedom, flexibility and time to pick and choose who you want to date. Online Services allows you to search thousands of singles and discover the best matches for yourself. Take a breeze through some of the profiles on a large dating site and you will be surprised at the sheer variety of people who are actively looking. From Lawyer's to lumberjacks, everybody seems represented.

* Posting a profile on the dating sites is a major advantage to the method of introduction. Profiling allows users to limit their search to include the those matching criteria that are absolutely vital in their future partner. Criteria such as location, age, etc. can be accurately limited.

* While dating online, schedules and geography are no limitations. Many online dating services provides the facility of limiting searches to driving distances. They gives the options to select regions, areas, countries throughout the world. So you can find your best match from any part of the world without even leaving your room.

* Other than the advantage of sheer number of people you have access to online, you also have the advantage of having variety of ways to interact with these people. The various internet dating sites provides a wide range of services and features chat rooms where conversations can range from favorite movies to common internet dating experiences; and interactive unique games where you can play with that special someone to spark that online dating connection. Some of them also have advanced features like voice/video greeting. With features like these you stand a far better chance of finding that special someone than you would by placing a 5 line letter in a newspaper personals or in the social parties.

* With online dating, you are not restricted to just conversing with one person. Keep interested in several people and get to know them via email before committing to that first phone conversation, or first date.

* The relative cost of meeting someone online versus those of more conventional methods is advantageous enough to warrant its own heading. Most of the dating services provide free membership to begin with. You can even post your personals free of charge. Even when its paid membership, it is not very expensive.

* The internet dating has another major advantage of overcoming the fear of rejection. While rejection can still be painful online, an e-mail with "I'm sorry, I'm not interested"--or none at all--is much easier to receive than in-person rejection. The risks of saying the wrong thing are also lessened, and disgust returned over an e-mail or instant message requires much less self-esteem recovery than a look of disgust, slap in the face, or other potentially nasty face-to-face public display.

* The last but not the least and most important one advantage of online dating is safety. Given the anonymity of the Internet and the tools provided with most online dating services to limit undesirable contact, safety must be recognized as a significant advantage to online dating over many traditional means of meeting partners.

With so many advantages of internet dating, you would definitely want to go ahead with it. The most important thing is to choose the most appropriate online dating service that will satisfy your needs. There are hundreds of dating sites on the Net but only few are worth visiting. You should choose a service that offers advanced options for members such as matchmaking, chat, voice mail etc. Take a look at our TOP 5. It contains only the best dating services (in our opinion of course) that can give you advanced tools optimized for your demands. These services are also the largest, each one contains at least 5 million picture personal ads from all over the world.

When using personal ads sites, try to remain patient. Many people don't check for replies or login to check for new personals more than once a week. (Some may take even longer.) Some personals may be setup and totally forgotten. If you don't get an response after you reply to an ad, don't get discouraged. Give it some time before you give up on that person. Just remember to check for replies to your personal ads at least once per week.

Don't be afraid to reply to many personals. You stand a better chance of getting a quicker answer from someone, if you reply to at least 3 personals. If one or more of those don't work out, or you never get a reply, keep trying. Find more ads that interest you and answer them, too.

When placing your ad, place it at several personals sites. Some sites will have better coverage of your area than others. Posting at least 3 free ads is a good number to start with. If you don't get many responses after a week or two, you can always post more.

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