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The obvious advantage home dating has over more traditional dating venues is, of course, cost. You can get a great night together for next to nothing.

Home dates are, of course, not ideal first dates. We want to know and trust someone a bit before taking them back to our place. Dating at home also depends where we are sexually in our relationship. If we have yet to do the deed, the bedroom will be like that elephant in the room you know, the one that's there but everyone's pretending isn't.

So assuming a home date is right in your relationship, how can you make it special? Perhaps you can throw a party for two decorate the place like it's New Year's Eve and dont forget the balloons! Dont tell your date keep it a surprise. By sprucing up your apartment you completely change the atmosphere and made it clear you want to have fun. It also shows that you're willing to put some effort into the relationship to keep it interesting.

Set the scene with these ideas:

* Make it romantic rose petals, scented candles and soft, sexy music can create a beautiful mood.

* Cook him or her something special and have a candle-lit dinner do some research and find out your beloved's favorite dish. Go all out, make your date feel special. If you dont usually cook, this gesture will be extra special.

* Hire a telescope if you live in a big smoggy city, go to a star gazers club and see what deals they have.

* Let the date venue be the hot tub is there anything more romantic than sharing a bath with your lover?

* At the (home) movies anyone can rent a DVD and pop it on, but make the whole night a recreation of the cinema experience, with popcorn, snacks, a dark roomand turn those cell phones off. You can either rent the hot new release or, even better, search out that movie that you know your date has always wanted to see and hasnt been able to get hold of.

Home dating has a big drawback you can fall into a pattern of keeping the relationship under your roof and not venture out not give yourselves as a couple things to talk about and memories to share. Avoid making home dating a habit if you think your budget is limiting your choice of dating venues, then you're not using your imagination. There are plenty of great things you can do that are inexpensive or free. Many free dating sites offer relationship and dating ideas so log on and check out loads of fresh and fun dating ideas.

Some of the best dates happen at home, where outside distractions simply dont exist and you can really focus on each other. If you're a regular home dater, try to theme each night differently to keep it interesting. You're only limited by your imagination.


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