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Relationship Advice For Men

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Joe Bisley
Relationship Advice For Men

Good relationship advice for men is difficult to find as most of it is written by women with themselves in mind. Men often have considerable difficulty in getting on the same wavelength as their girlfriend, and they often have problems as they fail to understand and react as they are expected to. It is important to learn the following basic rules if you are to have any success with the opposite sex.

If your girlfriend isnt speaking to you, you should start to wonder what you have done to annoy her. Women use silence as a punishment whereas most men stop talking when they have finished what they have to say.

Dont assume that she is just having her periods if she is in a bad mood. You may have pained them or annoyed them by something you have done. When you are always putting her moodiness down to her supposed periods you will likely not have a girlfriend for very long.

Women like talking about their problems all the time. Dont take this as meaning that they want you to solve them. They are quite able and content to do this themselves. You have to just let them talk whilst you listen and then let them get on and do their own thing.

Be careful where you look when you are seeking good relationship advice. Above all dont ask her father as he will have even less of an idea about what is troubling his daughter than you. He will, however, think you have upset her as he will always see his own daughter as perfect, so he will assume it is you who has done something wrong.

Women are known for remembering everything, however small it may be. When she reminds you of all the things you have done wrong over the last few months dont be surprised. Women are like that.

Talk with your girlfriend as often as you can, and let her know how much you appreciate and love her. Give her a hug sometimes without expecting something in return. Everyone likes to be appreciated, women particularly. They dont like it when you always expect something in return.

You can always discuss a problem you have with your girlfriend as she can probably help you find the right solution. When she knows there is a problem and you say nothing, she is left to imagine what she will. Dont be surprised if she thinks you are cheating on her or planning to leave her; in this case she will likely try to distance herself from you emotionally and you cannot blame her.

If you are in a long term relationship you will be aware that you both have a lot of work to keep the flame burning. You must also be careful where you go when you are looking for good relationship advice for men.

Joe Bisley

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