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Coping With a Break Up

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John R. Roberts
Coping With a Break Up - Follow These Simple Techniques

Grieving is important when coping with break up. This is a very emotional time. There are many things you are losing, financial and emotional support; loss of plans, hopes, and dreams; loss of companionship, love and shared experiences; and lifestyle.

Grieving is hard, your emotions can be very raw and intense, but going through the grieving process can help you let go of the relationship. A break up can be debilitating, you might not be able to do anything or want to do anything. But over time the sadness will lift and you'll start feeling better. If you don't start to come out of it, you might have depression, which is sometimes set off by an event like this.

To help moving beyond the break up there are some steps you can take, here are a couple. Sometimes after a break up or separation you feel like you've lost many of your friends. Try to take a class or join a club, something where you can start meeting new people.

Spend time with friends who are positive, supportive and energizing. The friends you start spending time with should help to move you forward and not bring you down. If you find all you are doing with your friend is talking about the break up and it's becoming a pity party, you need to avoid this person until your emotions aren't as fragile. Heck, when you're feeling better it might be fun to trash on your ex, but right now is not the time.

It can take time to get over this but it will happen. Good Luck!

John R. Roberts

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