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Is Getting A Partner Your First Priority?

All your friends have a steady partner. Few of them are already married, and there you are. You have no steady partner. You are alone. When will you get a partner? Years are passing by and slowly you will get older without a partner. Is getting a partner becoming your priority? This is good, because one should not continue long without a relationship. Work is not everything in life. But making this a priority has its pitfalls. The anxiety to get a steady partner as soon as possible can land you in difficulties. Lets discuss how?

Imagine that you are stuck in an unknown place without any vehicle or guide. After lot of waiting, you see a ramshackle vehicle coming your way. You never travel by such vehicles, but today you are delighted to see that and take a lift. You made major compromises to reach your destination. Searching for a partner in desperation has similar pitfalls. The only difference is that you will get down from the vehicle after some time, but it will be difficult for you to leave your partner in that hurry.

How to avoid making a compromise in partner selection? Despite all the hurry, how to ensure that you will get whom you want? Write down your most preferred characteristics in a partner. Your partner must have them otherwise you will not enter into a relationship. Then draw a secondary requirement list. If anybody has qualities from this list also, you will prefer that person.

Once you are sure what you must get, you will not compromise. You have set your own standards and you know that if you go for anybody who does not have those qualities, you will never be happy. These lists will save you from making a hasty selection and compromising your happiness by selecting a wrong partner.


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