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Love brings euphoria in life. Love can give great satisfaction and enjoyment forever. For that to happen, you have to understand more about what is love, your own expectations and how to get the partner with whom you can live in love. Love can also destroy. Read all about it and more in this section devoted to love and romance. Become a success in love.

Creating A Romantic Setting

Creating a romantic setting takes your love a long way indeed. You can create a romantic setting in your home/bedroom with aromatic or plain candles, frangrant incense sticks, soft and romantic music, a bottle of champagne, etc. Change your furnishings like sofa covers, bedsheets, pillow covers, etc. Purchase colorful covers instead. Choose colors like yellow, [...]

How To Treat Your Partner The Right way?

Treat the other person like you wish to be treated. Think back and find out all that you have spoken during last one week to your partner.

Winning Your Love Back

Do you want to win your love back? Are you sad that your partner has broken up and do you want their love again? My advice is that unless you are very sad do not try that. If you think that life is becoming difficult without your partner then let us see what you can do.

Do You Think You Are In Love?

When we are in love the world looks different. Everything looks good. We look at the world differently then those who are not in love.

Understanding Feelings

Feelings are a very powerful tool we have to be happier. Many times we come to the break-up of a relationship we are unable to understand why we did not anticipate that.

Romance And Romantic Thoughts

Being in love is one of the greatest feelings. It is exhilarating. It is a dream, which come true for few of us. If you have not professed your love, how will the person you love know that you love him/her?

Does Your Partner Have Same Values As You?

In every relationship, problems occur when there is a clash of values. Both the partners may not share the same values and that

Why Two People Love Each Other?

Why do two people love each other? Why do we need someone to love? Why cannot we love ourselves and exist alone?

Why Lovers Hurt Their Beloved Most?

A lover, who claims to love, can never hurt his/her beloved. Love demands that you care utmost for your beloved. You are concerned about their feelings.

Why Does Love Drive People Crazy?

If you talk to two persons - one who has never felt love, and other who is deeply in love, you will find them talking in a very different way.


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