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by Shari
A woman, more than anything else, wants to be cherished. And she wants to be with a man who will cherish her, value her and make her feel safe.

She wants a man she can trust. Trust allows her to be vulnerable and receptive to him.

Women don't want Mr. Macho, they want Super Hero. Super Heroes are good guys who are a little sensitive, can be vulnerable, and are not afraid to show their feelings.

Super Heroes know they have feelings and they know it's okay to have them. They are confident that they have "the right stuff," which makes them very attractive to women. Every guy could be a Super Hero since every girl wants to make her man her hero.

Most women want a relationship with a good guy, not just a Saturday night date or meal ticket. So what's a good guy?

Someone who is:

self-confident enough to treat a woman like a woman

honest and listens. He doesn't interrupt her when she's speaking

attentive and respectful. He pays attention to her

opens doors, pulls out chairs, helps her with her coat, picks up the checks

treats women well.

He genuinely likes women and it shows in everything he does Despite what women say, deep down they don't like wimpy men. Let me define wimpy for you: excessively sensitive, faint of heart, overly emotional. Women want men to be men - someone who they fell safe with, who will protect them, who know that when it's says "women and children first" there won't even be a question of who goes first.

Most men are primarily visual, so they just need to see that they are valued by women. Women on the other hand, because they can be visual, auditory or kinesthetic, don't always see that a man treasures them. Often, women need to hear the words to know they are being cherished or receive kinesthetic cues such as a man doing something for them or giving them a token of his affection.

by Shari

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