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Romance In Your Marriage

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10 Tips To Build The Love And Romance In Your Marriage

Everyone knows women love romance, but how do you get started? Here are 10 romantic tips on how to romance your wife. This list of romantic tips is designed to renew and build your romance with your wife over time. The romantic tips at the beginning of the list are pretty simple and easy to pull off. The romantic tips later in the list take more time and effort, but hopefully will also have a deeper appreciation from your wife.

Take Walks With Your Wife

When the weather is nice outside, take a walk with your wife. You can take a walk around the neighborhood or take a walk in a park. Walk at a relaxing, unhurried pace and hold her hand. Taking a walk is a great way to get a little alone time with your wife.

Tell Your Wife You Want To Romance Her

When you are alone, sit down on the couch with your wife. Hold her hands and tell her you want to romance her. Ask her to be patient with you as you try a few romantic ideas you have and ask her to not be shy about expressing appreciation and encouraging you in your romantic efforts.

Tell Your Wife What You Love About Her

This one is easy and should be a lot of fun. Tell your wife what you love and adore about her. Look for opportunities to sincerely complement her. Taking the time to do that will make her feel good about herself, you and your relationship.

Take Your Wife Out On A Romantic Date

Continuing to date your wife is a great way to keep the romance alive in your marriage. If you can afford it, taking your wife out to dinner once a week is a good start. If money is a little tight, your date can also be as simple as snuggling on the couch as you watch a video together. Whatever you decide to do on a date, the focus should be on your relationship and your love for one another.

Write Your Wife Love Notes

From time to time, write a love note to your wife. A love note doesnt take long to write and it is a wonderful way to express your love for your wife.

Hold Hands With Your Wife In A Restaurant

Next time you are alone at a restaurant with your wife, reach across the table and hold her hand. Look deep into her eyes and, with your other hand, gently caress her hand. You will probably look like the most romantic couple in the restaurant, so dont be surprised if the waiter asks if it is your anniversary.

Share A Dessert With Your Wife

Hopefully after dinner you have room to share a dessert. Lovingly feeding dessert to one another is a wonderfully sensual and romantic experience.

Read Your Wife a Love Poem

This romantic tip one may take a little research and effort. Find a nice love poem that expresses how you feel about your wife. When you have a quiet moment together, tell your wife you would like to read something that expresses how you feel about her. Then slowly read a love poem to her, looking up at her as often as you can.

Write Your Wife A Love Letter

If your love notes are appreciated, write a love letter to your wife. Tell her how much you love and appreciate her. Tell her how much she means to you.

Read Read A Love Letter To Your Wife

Giving your wife a love letter is a wonderfully romantic gift. If you really want to romance your wife, read a love letter to her. You can read a love letter you just wrote to her or an old love letter that you gave her in the past.

These ten romantic tips on how to romance your wife are a great start to giving your wife the love, attention, romance and appreciation that her heart desires. Maintaining a loving romance with your wife requires attention, but your life and marriage will be richer for the effort.


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