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How to Keep Woman Happy

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Michael Webb
You Keep a Woman Happy Best Pieces of Advice

1. Be Yourself

Dont pretend to be something or someone you are not. Men often

feel inadequate so they try to be someone they arent in order

to get a gorgeous woman. Women appreciate men who are honest

about who they are. Believe it or not, you can keep a woman

happy without making yourself out to be James Bond or even

changing the way you act. Besides, sooner or later, shes going

to find out who you are anyway. The best thing you can do is put

your best foot forward every time. Thats a lot different from

building yourself up to something youre not!

2. Be Confident

The sexiest type of man is one who is confident. Youve probably

seen unattractive men with pretty women. The reason those women

are with them is that those men are confident. Confidence makes

them very attractive.

3. Little Things Can Mean a Lot

The little things are very important too. Buying your woman her

favorite candy for her or filling her car up with gas can mean a

lot to her. Men often think the things they do to keep a woman

happy have to be big gestures but that is not true. Also, you

need to be sure to show your appreciation for her. Women do not

like to feel taken for granted.

4. Don't Check Out Other Women

Avoid checking out other women when the two of you are out

together. Women often feel compared to other women when you do

this. They don't get that men just like to look at beautiful

women and it doesn't mean anything. Women are biologically

destined to look for monogamy and for someone they can trust to

take care of them and their future family. That is just how they

were made so you can't fight it.

5. Show Her You've Got a Got a Good Sense of Humor

Did you know that women find a man who is funny is very

attractive? Making a woman laugh goes a long way to keeping a

woman happy. Women love a guy with a good sense of humor so use


6. Find Things in Common with Her

Don't forget to look for things the two of you have in common.

Maybe you are both interested in the same activity or hobby?

That is great, but you should also get interested in things she

enjoys even if they are things you never cared about like

watching romantic movies. This lets your woman know you are

interested in her and care about her.

7. Don't Forget Regular Grooming

When you are finally in a relationship, you may think you don't

need to do all that grooming. It is true that men are much more

visual than women but women do appreciate a little effort on the

men's part to groom themselves. Shave regularly, dress nice, and

make an effort to look good. Don't think you can let it all go!

8. Get Along with the Important People in Her Life

Make sure your partner knows you are going to fit into her life

and get along with her loved ones. Women want a man who will get

along with their loved ones if the relationship is going to

last. Try to be friendly with her friends and her family. In

order to keep a woman happy, you need to impress her friends so

they will tell her she made a good choice.

9. Consider Her Feelings

Remember, too, to consider her feelings. Women are much more

emotional then men partially due to hormone levels. Sensitivity

to her and her moods is going to keep her happy.

10. Keep Things Fresh

Remember to keep things fresh. Everything is new when you first

start a relationship but after that you have to change things up

or they can get boring. Don't let your relationship get too

routine. Do new things and try new activities together once in a

while. That way, your will keep a woman happy and keep things


These are a few of the best pieces of advice to keep in mind if

you want your woman happy. Most of these are nothing you could

not figure out on your own but men often don't do these things.

Michael Webb

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