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Unhappy Relationships

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Unhappy relationships: Causes and Cures

The relationship that started out as the most wonderful thing in the world might have turned sour without you noticing it, as you one day realize that things are not as they should be. One of the biggest detriments in life is to be in unhappy relationships, as it can eat you up from the inside and out. What should you do if you find your self in such a relationship, and is it worth trying to save?

If you are experiencing turbulence right off the bat then there really isnt much to consider or save. Couples that start out fighting just after meeting either arent a good match, or one or other, even both, might have issues that need to be dealt with before they can even be in a relationship. Calling it quits as soon as possible is often the best way to deal with this. The longer you stay, the worse it will probably become.

There are however exceptions, perhaps one of the parties in the relationship need time to settle, or perhaps you bring some qualities that can help him or her address the issues. But again, these relationships seldom last, in my opinion.

For those of you that are in long-term relationships, and are barely coping with stress and problems between the two of you, time and patience should be had to try to sort out the troubles.

Couples counselling is a common, but still under-utilized, way to get the support and 3. party opinion you need to break the bad habits. Unhappy couples are often the victims of their own, unconscious, habits that slowly drive the partner mad. Weeding out these habits, and of course learning to communicate better, is a great step towards turning around a relationship that is worth saving.


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