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Sometimes staying in touch with friends and family members can be difficult, but maintaining a long distance relationship can seem almost impossible! It doesnt have to be impossible with a little help from The National Institute for Building Long Distance Relationships. This book provides couples involved in long distance relationships with over 300 ideas and activities that they can use in order to help maintain their relationships as well as help them grow stronger during times apart.

When couples who are together all day every day complain about being together and finding new ways to keep things fresh, those who are involved in long distance relationships know that they really have it easy! Just like traditional relationships, long distance relationships require nurturing and care. Couples dont just have to try to stay in touch anymore and they can now use the ideas in this book to connect as well as grow during long absences!

The National Institute for Building Long Distance Relationships was established in order to help couples in long distance relationships maintain and thrive by using their tools and products. Creativity and the effort behind most of The National Institute for Building Long Distance Relationships pays off with each successful long distance relationship reader!


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