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Marius P
How To Have Confident Body Language

How To Have Confident Body Language

1) Make eye contact. Dont break away until other people do.

2) Have a strong, firm handshake

3) Move slowly. Dont freak out at anything

4) When in doubt, just look and smile.

5) Dont lean in too close. You will come off as needy.

6) Look up, not at the ground.

7) Sit and stand tall. Dont slouch.

8) Dont be afraid of taking up space.

9) Dont cross your arms or legs. Open up.

10) Nod to show you are listening when others talk.

11) Lower your drink. Dont hold it in front of you

to hide yourself.

12) Keep your hands out of your pockets.

13) Take slow, deep breaths

14) Do sports and Yoga to improve your posture.

15) Make your movements fluid. Dont be rigid like a robot!

16) Dont fidget. Hold yourself still!

17) Take large, wide steps when you walk.

18) Dress well and groom yourself. You will

feel more confident and adjust your body language

as a result.

Marius P

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