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Romantic Valentines Things

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Romantic Valentine's Day Things to Do

Valentine's Day is an important time for many couples around the world, especially the United States. This day is known for roses, chocolates, and romantic dinners. But, there is much, much more to do. This is a day of love after all.

Massage. Either you give it or go to a masseuse together. It is a relaxing experience and can set the mood for the rest of the evening.

Wild flowers instead of roses. Roses are overdone in today's society. Why not pick some wild flowers and give them to your love to show the real beauty of nature?

Dance. Either together or for him (hah! No, but really...) Dancing together is probably the most underrated aspect of any relationship. It requires working together and holding each other, both great for romance.

Cook together at home. This is more for the couples who eat out together often, but spending time together in the kitchen, cooking together and holding each other is a perfect start to a romantic evening.

Go to the beach. The beach is a great place for romance to flourish. You can take a walk, have a barbecue, or even a camp-out. No matter what, the sound of the ocean flowing, the wind blowing, and sand beneath your feet is a great time to express love.

Skinny dip together. Yep, not much to say about this except be sure to only do this on private property, otherwise it might end a bit weird.... (or COMPLETELY AWESOME!)

Watch the stars. Is it the darkness or is it just spending time together? Whatever it is, it is priceless.

Watch the clouds. Using your imagination together can bring laughs and conversations. What's a better way to spend your Valentine's day than that?

Incense. This is great for an evening in and I'm sure you can find a great place to put it in the bedroom.

Candles. A candle-light dinner or candles in the bedroom is a cheap but romantic way to spend an evening.

Day at a hotel. Sometimes all it takes to kick-start romance is time away from home together. And what better way to do that than at a place you don't need to clean up?

Have a picnic. This might sound silly to some, but spending time together at the park, listening to the birds and people playing in the distance can be even more romantic than spending time at a noisy restaurant.

Write poetry / read poetry. Sometimes we are unable to express our true feelings without a little help. Poetry is an excellent way to express yourself.

Have a walk through the botanical gardens. Many cities around the world have a botanical garden open all year. The exotic flowers, the walk, and holding hands can stimulate more than just the mind.

A horse and buggy ride. I'm not sure when this became known as 'romantic', but it definitely has that effect.

A walk through the park or along a walking trail. Parks are a great place to get away from the noise of traffic. It can be a huge stress release for just enough time to hold a decent conversation with your loved one.

A trip to an amusement park. This might be something a little more in the league of younger couples, but a trip to an amusement park can bring laughter, screams, and tons of time together. The downside of course, is when the time comes for dessert it might just have to wait.

See a romantic play. No, it doesn't have to be Shakespeare, but seeing romance in action can bring a woman (or man) to her knees. Hey, if everything goes right, she'll be in your arms and crying by the second act.


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