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How to Say I Love You

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Every year on Valentine's Day lot of people strive to muster courage to express feelings for their sweethearts and to finally say, 選 love you'. Well, to propose someone or to be proposed by someone is a big occasion in a person's life. And, to make the moment a pleasurable experience for life it would be better if a person does a little preparation before embarking on to say 選 Love You' and taking the relationship further.

Points to Ponder before saying 選 love you'

Before deciding to say 選 love you' some serious thinking should be done. Here are some points to ponder:

Know the person well enough.

Ask yourself why the person you are about to propose is special to you. If you are sure about your feeling you won't have to think too much over this aspect.

Relationships often jump to next step, after 選 love you' is said from both the sides. Be prepared to plan for a long term commitment or even marriage.

Your proposal might shock the person or catch them unguarded. Be ready for such a response and to give the person some time to consider your proposal.

On the subject of manner of proposing, be YOU. No one knows your sweetheart better than you do.

Make your heart strong enough to hear a 鮮O' for an answer. The other person may not have similar feelings for you. All you could do is to express your feelings in the best possible way rest, as they say, is destiny.

How to say 選 love you' in a Special Way

If you have finally decided to propose here are some ideas to help you make that special moment an occasion to cherish for life. But only get inspired by these ideas and use your own judgement about the way you would like to say 選 love you'. Do anything that delights your beloved and improve your chances of hearing, 的 love you too' for an answer. Remember, if everything goes well then this moment is going to be recounted a number of times to friends, relatives, children and even grandchildren.

Decide how you will deliver the message. If your partner loves text messages or emails, consider a cyber-expression. Else plan a fun-filled evening together.

Choose the time of meeting with care. Select a time when your partner is relaxed and happy. Avoid choosing a time when the person is stressed or upset.

Select a romantic place for the meeting. A place that is liked by both of you would be a better option.

Set a romantic tone for the meeting. Give subtle hints to your partner about what is about to come and create a feeling of excitement in him or her.

Don't make the setting too overwhelming for the person. Keep it simple and focus on moment.

Be calm. Try to hide your nervousness.

Propose in your own charming style. Don't hold yourself and do anything you feel like doing to express your feelings for your partner.

You may write a romantic poem for him or her. If you are feeling too nervous you may record your voice in cassette. You can send it or play it before the person and watch the reaction.

It is seen that whispering those three golden words has a magical effect. You may try the trick.

Back the 選 Love You' message with solid and genuine reason why you love your partner. This will have a greater impact.

Be ready for a celebration with flowers or champagne when you hear a 塑ES' for an answer.


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