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Paige Me
Feeling Like The Dating Cupid Forgot About You?

Dont fret. If you think metaphysically the dating universe is working right now on the male or female who is a perfect match for you. His/Her grand entrance is one that the universe decides on and it requires both your patience and alertness. Then again maybe your new lover has already arrived and can be found right under your nose, but your nose is tipped too far up or down to notice.

If you think in terms of pheromones, consider this. Once three months of a relationship has gone by, the brain chemistry changes and a new set of pheromones from another lover would be necessary to get that exact same high. So get out there! There are plenty of places where pheromones breed: a bar, concerts, a movie theatre or line-up, at work, school or at some sporting venue. And for those ending their three month term of pheromone build up and are now fading in their attraction for each other, more and more people are slipping into the new pheromone pool to select from.

If you think in terms of not feeling ready to date then you are probably sending vibes that you are not into meeting someone new. Then again, maybe you believe that if you dont look for someone thats when youll find him/her. But honestly, how long are you going to pretend to not look for that someone you dont want to look forbut really are?

If you think that there might be something wrong with you, there might or might not be. Being really honest with your self is a great place to start growing chest hairs, a pair of balls or a bee-otch attitude. Then again maybe loosening up or letting your hair down is more of what you need to do. Know that there is always someone for somebody. Whether you want that someone to like/love you or you just want to exchange bodily fluids is a whole different story. You might change your clothing style, your personality, switch on your sex drive, replace your stinky runners or get a new car and still there might not be a lover being waved in by the Dating Cupid for a clear landing. Then again, miracles can happen.
Paige Me

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