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Four Tips to Attract Love

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Ronnie Ann Ryan
Still single and not sure what to do about it? Dont worry. Here are four highly effective manifesting techniques that blend inner and outer methods to attract the romantic partner you want and deserve.


1) Make a comprehensive list of qualities you want in a partner. Will your lover be easy going, very smart, worldly, or playful? Only you know the right mix of personality characteristics that suit you best. This is an exercise for the imagination, so dont edit or think about how impossible it seems. Let your mind run free with the idea of finding a great love who is just right for you.

Your list can be completed in an hour or compiled over time. Some people find it helpful to add to the list periodically, as new ideas and experiences help you to clarify what kind of person will float your boat. Dont be surprised if some items drop off the list and are replaced by new qualities you never thought of before thats a good thing! Clarity about your desires helps to manifest them.

2) Create a Treasure Map that visually depicts your relationship. Cut pictures out from old magazines or cards, or copy them from the internet and piece everything together to make a colorful collage. Note that photos of people should represent your desires in a general way versus a specific person. You can also cut out words and phrases or print them on your computer for just the right message.

Frame your treasure map and hang your creation in a prominent spot for frequent viewing. You may choose a private location so that you dont draw criticism from potential non-believers. To activate your map, spend some time meditating on it to reinforce the impression your creation makes on your subconscious mind. Thats where the attraction process actually begins.


3) Create a Dating Action Plan that includes a variety of methods for meeting new people. Be sure to focus on ways to meet single people like online dating, speed dating, or singles groups. This strategy works much better than simply going to a bar or local hot spot where there will be plenty of people but you wont know if they are available or looking. You can still visit these places, just be sure your action plan includes methods for specifically meeting singles.

Once you select the ways to meet prospects, decide how often youll be trying these options. How many activities will you incorporate into a week or month? Obviously, the more you take advantage of these methods, the more likely you are of meeting someone. Finding love can sometimes be a numbers game. Your level of activity greatly influences who you connect with, so the best advice is to get out there a lot!

4) Adopt a friendly attitude. While your objective is to meet the right person for you, theres no way to know where that will happen or who might introduce you. Thats why one of the cardinal rules of dating is to be friendly to almost everyone. Make an effort to smile and look like youre enjoying yourself.

Ladies, your job is to appear approachable so men arent afraid of talking to you. Push yourself to talk to more men than the few who seem like your type since you never know who he might know. For the men, confidence is key. Strike up a conversation with a compliment or a question about the environment (like what does she think about the band.) And, youd be surprised how far a simple smile with brief eye contact will take you, so flash those pearly whites and see what happens.

Put these four methods to work and watch your romantic karma transform. Working with your subconscious mind, coupled with taking action, is a powerful combination that can speed you forward to manifest the love you want and make your dream a reality.

Ronnie Ann Ryan

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