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Ukrainian election

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Ukrainian election results: Your reaction

Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych has been declared the winner of Ukraine's disputed presidential election.

Tens of thousands of opposition supporters, who claim the results have been rigged, have surrounded the commission building in a third day of protests.

The opposition leader, Viktor Yushchenko, said the election results are not accurate and has declared himself the rightful winner.

The following comments reflect the balance of opinion we have received so far:

There were so called 'irregularities' during the election but they were on both sides

Inna, Bruxelles, Belgium

I am Russian but the elections in Ukraine are important not only for Ukrainians, they are important for Russians too. There were so called 'irregularities' during the election but they were on both sides.

The fact that the West so shamelessly interferes in the Ukraine's affairs just confirms our suspicions: the West, and especially USA, is trying to install its own puppets everywhere in the ex-Soviet Republics and they do it with the help of organisations like 'Freedom House' that is led today by an ex-CIA director! Western media are biased as usual and present only Ukrainian oppositions view on the election there. All this is a complete disgrace.

Inna, Bruxelles, Belgium

I just phoned friends in Kiev who have been to the Independence Square - they say the mood is good, peaceful and optimistic. No one wants bloodshed. Everyone just wants a humane life.

Sasha, Melbourne, Australia

Being a total stranger to the Ukrainian elections, and trying to be an impartial witness, I can only say that it is just impossible to say who really won the elections. There are many traces of fraud on both sides (for Yanukovich in the east of the country and for Yushchenko in the west).

Georgiy, Moscow

Even homeless people are discussing the results of the presidential elections. Nobody seems to be indifferent. But will the new president really care about its people no matter who he is? Unfortunately, there is no a real leader who would mind the interests of Ukraine.

Olga, Kiev, Ukraine

Ukrainians have fought for so long for independence at various times in their history

Stephen Brien, Lincoln, England

The choice facing Ukrainians is simple: Do they want a president who has promised to create five million more jobs, fight corruption and move for membership of the EU and Nato, or a Kremlin controlled puppet whose idea of closer ties with Moscow and countries like Belarus is the kind of isolationist thinking that led to the Soviet Union?

I have Ukrainian relatives so I know the history. Ukrainians have fought for so long for independence at various times in their history. They can't throw that all away now.

Stephen Brien, Lincoln, England

Unfortunately the protestors are wasting their time. The choice is between a pro-Moscow puppet and a pro-Western/pro-US puppet. Many in Eastern Europe think that the West offers solutions, but for the most part that is a misconception.

Balazs, Hungary

Unlike most foreigners or ex-pats, I do not instantly believe everything I hear from the western media. When I look at Yushchenko, I see another Boris Yeltsin, loud, brash and popular while he appeases the west but ultimately would probably prove ineffectual and unable to stand up to outside interests.

Daniel, Moscow

I am deeply impressed by the people of Ukraine, and I hope that they will reach their aims and hopes. The results of the elections have been judged by international observers as unjust, this is certainly a crucial time for the country. I admire the thousands of persons who risk so much.

Anna Brit Mork, Asker, Norway

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