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How to Attract Women

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Jacob Milano
Knowing how to attract women is NOT a challenge that you cannot overcome. It does not matter what you look like, who your friends are, you can even be a Star Trek fan and still discover simple and easy tips to get more women.

Many of us men are sort of hardwired to be sweet to ladies. Maybe we were brought up that way, or maybe thats our nature, or perhaps society simply tells you its the right thing to do. Nice is OK, but if you want to enhance your dating game and meet new ladies who dont flake out on you, then perhaps you should remember that its possible - and disadvantageous - to be too nice.

The fact is, most guys don't attract women, not because of their looks or anything like that, but because they live with the assumption that they CAN'T attract women. And all of that can and should change if you want to live a life where you are able to attract a woman easily and without the usual hesitation.

The issue with nice guys ( and that iss about 95% of todays male population ) is they dont know the first thing about how attraction works alongside ladies. They make the error of thinking that if theyre nice and polite to a lady, shell like them more - perhaps even to the point of getting into a relationship with them. They cant be more wrong.

You see, attraction is far more of an emotion than a thought - and ladies dont go thinking, Okay, he iss a pleasant guy. He holds doors and gives compliments now and then. I suspect I can go fall head over heels in love with him now. No way! Attraction isnt logical, and trying to win her over by following definite rules of etiquette will not get you anywhere. Actually, you can do precisely the opposite.


to Approach women in any situation, without ear of rejection.

to eliminate the fear to be rejected no matter how many times it happened to you in the past.

to make a woman feel that you are her soul mate.

to use body language to make her feel attracted to you.

to say and when to say it to make them go crazy for you.

Decipher what she wants or expects from you.

Learn the seduction process step by step.

Its simple for a lady to see the difference between a pleasant guy and a guy whos the opposite of nice. In a flash, she realizes that he is different from all of the other men shes met during the past. In other words, this man gets it. He is assured and funny, he is independent, and hes got his act together. Trust me when I say that ladies go for confidence more than looks and money in a man.

A man should also pay some attention to grooming. Women prefer a man who takes care of himself and looks great these days. Most women do not prefer men who have a bushy back, a fat gut and dirty teeth. Success is also a huge factor on how to attract women. Success is very crucial in this day and age success so you should strive to succeed in whatever it is you wish to do.

You should follow these tips if you want to understand how to attract women. It doesn't get any better or more realistic than these tips.

Jacob Milano

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