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Why we feel tempted to cheat and how you can make your relationship stronger

There is nothing about temptation and we have dealing with all kinds of temptation since the very beginning. It is human nature to be curious about how much we can actually get in life and even though we may our health, success and true love, there is always that little question mark inside of us that makes us ask ourselves: What else is out there for me?

How about cheating though? Why do people feel tempted to cheat and why be in a relationship only to have a wandering eye? The truth is, nobody means to feel tempted- most of us want to be good, committed and loyal, because that is what we also want from others. We enter relationships, because we crave romance that is special and different from all the other connections we make with people in our everyday lives. We also enter relationships because we do not want to be alone and therefore search for the one person who we feel we are most compatible with, so that we can grow old together through thick and thin.

Usually, when a person feels tempted to cheat, it rarely has to do just sex or the way another person looks. Sure, we all still acknowledge other people�s good looks even when in a serious relationship, but that is not enough to lure us into actual cheating. The following is the top three reasons people feel tempted to cheat in a relationship:

Being Stuck in a �Pattern�. Relationships often get stuck in a pattern, taking away all the mystery and excitement. Many assume that all relationship eventually loses all excitement, but this does not have to be true. Keeping each other interested and making sure your relationship is a never ending journey of discoveries will keep you and your partner close and always interested in each other. So be sure not to get stuck in a pattern and do not get lazy with your relationship. Remember to keep dating each other and trying new things that will have both learning new things about each other.

Lack of Communication. As a relationships get older and more mature, people tend to become too comfortable and confident that everything is okay and often begin to stop communicating like the used to. Many also assume that their partner should know everything about them by now and therefore they should not have to tell them anything. When the communication is lacking in a relationship, one or both partners start to feel alone and disconnected emotionally and begin to crave that close connection again. This is when a person can start noticing other people and becomes tempted to find someone outside the relationship who will give them attention and comfort they feel is lacking in the relationship. Make sure you always keep the communication between you and your partner open and that it is done on a daily basis, even if it is only something very simply and small being said.

Having too much Friendship. Being good friends is essential for a relationship and it important to have a strong friendship along with the strong romance. However, as a relationship matures, people tend to focus more on their friendship and close connection and begin to neglect the romantic side of their relationship, causing the relationship to lose it�s spark and passion. This can cause one or both partner to feel tempted to cheat, because eventually, he or she will crave that romantic and sexual closeness and if he or she feels it is no longer possible or exciting with you, then cheating can occur to satisfy that desire and need for romantic/sexual connection.

There is never a 100% guarantee that your partner will ever cheat on you and you will have to trust each other and listen to your instincts as well, but you should also invest your best efforts in making sure that your relationship is as healthy as possible. So keep your communication open and honest, add variety to keep things exciting and keep a healthy balance of both close friendship and hot romance.


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