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Whether youre a teen just starting to date, or an adult re-entering the dating scene, this can be a harrowing experience for both men and women. When you narrow your field to only potential Mr or Ms. Right, youre doing yourself a disservice. There are two reasons why: first, those true loves are few and far between. Second, youll end up with very few dates!

When you set your heart on that perceived true love (assuming that person is available), when it comes time for the date, you are usually so anxious and anxious to please you work yourself up to such a state, that youre unlikely to come off as genuine. You may feel uncomfortable just being yourself, express yourself honestly, primp overly much and sprout a couple of zits to boot, Your date doubtless does the same and the result is a disappointing experience.

Here weve got a terrific idea to help you break into the dating scene, gain confidence in who you are and get lots of experience in easy dating conversation, before you start actively looking for that true love. Its the venue known as friendship dating, which is fun, cool and virtually stress free.

So whats friendship dating about? You probably have many friends of the opposite sex, but whom you dont envision romantically. On the other hand, these are people you like and with whom you get along well and have lots in common with or you wouldnt be friends, right? You kid around, like some of the same activities (movies, music, sports), understand each others sense of humor and are comfortable in their company. Sounds like a recipe for a good time.

Friendship dating alleviates the pressures of feeling that you need to be dressed perfectly, with every hair in place, for that perfect impression. Youre far less likely to feel nervous, awkward and anxious. If a zit blossoms on the day of the date, its not the end of the world your date friend has probably seen one or two before and wont sit there staring and making you feel uncomfortable.

Dating should be about having a good time and friendship dating is an excellent way to prepare yourself for more romantically focused dates in the future.

Youll learn to be yourself and reap the rewards, in the non-threatening atmosphere of friendship dating.

Ask a friend to the movies, dinner, a concert or a trip to the aquarium or museum exhibit whatever you both might enjoy. Some people have found dating friends to be so much fun, that date begins to look and act like a possible true love! Now wouldnt that be a pleasant surprise?

Even if that never happens, by the time youre ready to spread your wings and seek out that elusive true love, youll have learned so much about the dating game, youll be able to spot the best matches for you in a heartbeat!


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