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Chris Tannoy
Chat up women or initiate conversation

When you try to chat up women or initiate conversation you have to find the interesting and compelling topic to have the conversation flow from the initial point. The real problem is how to come up with topic that is not so usual. You should stay away from the obvious opening lines that seem like pre-learned text. That way you'll look monotonous and she might reject you from the very beginning.

Women have so many things in life to fear, that it's only when they are with a man that they can really enjoy doing things. That's why you'll have most success if you learn how to make yourself helpful and humorous.

Most men do not understand that women do not want to be alone - they want to be in a relationship so they can have fun doing things.

1. A lot of women want what you offer - so find the one.

You'll find that you suddenly start getting more interest, and then you'll start being the one that is looking for your ideal woman. Only if you want it, and actively take steps to achieve that goal.

Even if you see obvious signs of attraction don't rush. Show her you're interested in her personally, and you'd like to continue conversation later.

How to set up a goal of approaching women?

Most guys get tense when they see a woman, walk away, then look at her for as long as she stays within view, kicking themselves for not talking to her. You realize that meeting someone new is often a stressful situation. Even if you trip over your tongue a few times, she is likely to be impressed that despite being nervous, you took on your fear rather than retreated because of it.

As a man you need to understand females behavior around men and prepare strategy and answers on common questions:

What do I do if she doesn't respond to my invitations?

So you need to be prepared for anticipated social situations:

Women will act much more real if you don't put any pressure on the situation.

It's when you're acting like: This is either marriage or we're breaking up right from the beginning. Most likely you're asking for big trouble.

Keep it simple and let the conversation flourish on its own, he should be helping you out if he is at all worthy of conversation with you. Remember many males love to be listened too; you'll be amazed how a well time grunt "yep" or "really?" keeps the flow, all the while looking at their level of interest.

How To Avoid Internal Fears Prevent You From Taking Action?

Why is it that when we see a woman that we'd like to meet we don't just walk over and start talking to her? The fact is that most of us let our internal fears prevent us from taking action.

You see a woman you'd like to meet, become nervous, you sense FEAR, and make all kinds of possible excuses to prove it's wise not to go any further.

You finally just decide that it isn't worth it... so you just walk away. Have you recognized yourself in this drawing? Most of guys would have had such an experience.

The problem with our mental attitude is we couldn't REALIZE that nothing bad is going to happen, so we instantly change how we act towards women. A bad HABIT isn't always easy to change.

Overcome bad habit of making yourself feel bad and afraid

First you have to break off the habit of making yourself feel bad and afraid, and learn the habit of making yourself feel good and optimistic.

Successful people tend to be eager to get rejection out of the way. Consequently, this lack of fear for rejection gives them an impression of self-confidence, and self-confidence is an attribute that most women find attractive

Traditionally, males are expected to make the first obvious move to hook up with a female. Nobody likes to lose. So it is a blow to the ego when one's proposition is rejected.

The key here is really self-confidence and self esteem. If you have the perseverance and focus to change your live there is nothing that could stop you.

Chris Tannoy

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