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Girls like cocky and outgoing men. If you can make them laugh that would be your first advantage over most of the competition. If she chooses you then it would have been a culmination of things that she will have found attractive about you.

The key to being successful with women is to be confident and to have good interpersonal skills. In order for you to develop speaking confidently to girls you will need to practice.

To this extent speak to as many girls or women that you can. The more you are exposed to talking to different women of all age groups the better you will become at it. I know that it will be difficult since you are shy but you have to push that barrier.

Also remember that to give is better than to receive. Learn to give your time, attention, love etc without expecting anything in return and you should notice a significant difference with the way that people especially girls will see you.

The things that you can do for yourself is to continue gain self respect and make your character strong. In regards to your mental well being you will need to train your brain to shut out negative thoughts and emotions. The best way to do that is to fill it up with positive thoughts and emotions. A great way to do that is to learn and experience new things.

Now in a book "Men's Guide To Approaching Women - The Path Of Least Resistance" you will learn essential skills to get ina a dating venture:

Technique 1. Women Like Self-confident Men - Make it Your Habit

There is a common denominator when men have to decide how to start relationship with woman, after the initial friend phase. Usually one would say: "I have been great mates with a girl for over a year and we decided to start dating. But it's just like we're still just mates with the "physical intimacy" aspect.

So ho do you start relationship with girl after being friends for a time?

When you go out you should hold yourself up with confidence and dignity. You have the right to be anywhere that any other person is so never feel like that you don't belong.

You should not be too preoccupied with what other people think of you. You have to stop thinking negatively and start thinking positively about yourself. I don't have to tell you that doing so, you are your worst enemy. I know that it sounds corny but you have to learn to love yourself.

Once you do this then it will be easier for you to love others and for them to love you. Women love confident guys. These types of men are those that are confident on the inside, happy within themselves. They radiate with joy and assertiveness, they got their life together and are assertive, fun, positive men.

Now in a blueprint book Men's Guide To Approaching Women - The Path Of Least Resistance I will teach you how to:

Express your romantic interests to a woman?

How to introduce yourself to a girl?

Tips to get a relationship: things to say in awkward silence

How to tell if a woman wants you to approach her?

What kind of personality woman love in man?

Approach Girls And Initiate Conversation:

How to find a way to contact a girl you are attracted to?

What are your options for approach?

How to start of small and build a relationship gradually upon it?

What if a woman sees you more as a friend rather than boyfriend?

Being friends with a girl can be one of the toughest situations that you can find yourself in, particularly when you spend a lot of time together and you build a really close relationship.

As long as you keep improving on skills taught in a Men's Guide To Approaching Women - The Path Of Least Resistance you will eventually master art of leading conversation with women and keeping them attracted to you.

If you haven't got a lot of experience in the dating game and if you're not sure whether a girl likes you, the key is this - ASSUME she likes you and act accordingly.

Technique 2. Learn To Interact With Women In A Relaxed Way? .

Don't over-analyze what to say when you pass her by, just say 'hey, how's it going' but make sure you are in an upbeat fun sort of mood, and you will convey your positive energy to her.

Girls are generally attracted to fun, confident, positive, upbeat people.

You, need to understand some basic principles of male - female attraction. The "nice guy" is the shy, unconfident, approval seeking, sexually inhibited man who women only ever like as a friend and NEVER a lover.

Take steps to make romance alive.

- Make her feel DESIRED, wanted!

- Tell her how sexy she looks.

- She wants to feel the thrill, excitement and passion of a new relationship.

- She will measure how much passion you have for her and are able to bring out of her.

- If you don't measure up then the likely chance that she seeks another man is quite likely.

Can you remember the excitement of that first date? How you thought about the person almost every day afterwards? Try to give it your best shot. I think depending on how much effort you are willing to put into this will determine how much of a future you both have together.

Low Self-Esteem Stops You From Approaching Girls

Typical shy guy would say: "There are lots of girls that I do know and see every-so-often. But I procrastinate to ask them out because I really don't know them that well. And the opportunity for approaching and having a chat with them would rarely ever present itself. The nicest girls who I'd like to go out with are in relationship or simply not interested."

First, I think that you should not be hard to yourself. Happiness will surely shine in your life u need to be a bit patient it may that you have not up to now got the correct one but she will surely come.

Don't be so disappointed.

You probably already have an outgoing personality, so that is not the problem. Your self-esteem might be the problem. First, work on what makes you unhappy.

Even as you do this, you can widen your social circle by simply meeting more friends. If you are easy to get along with and have no problem talking to girls, are polite and funny, you should be able to at least start meeting new people, which leads to dating.

Remember that if you are interested in someone, it doesn't have to start with something as heavy as a date. Start by simply getting to know the person first, to determine if you like her enough to ask for a date.


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