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Art of Approaching Women

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How To Arrange Your First Meeting With A Woman?

Next big issue when approaching women is how can you let her know your feelings?

It all really depends on your personality type on whether you want to go for the direct approach or indirect. It doesn't really matter what method you adopt as long as you go ahead with your plans and hopefully get the girl in the end.

A good way to invite a woman is to start with some help of your friends, maybe a party at your place or some restaurant and you can pop the invitation into her mailbox and /or get someone else to organize it? It doesn't have to be everyone.

Another option would be to get a female friend to bump into her, perhaps walking in front of her house, and say "hey didn't you used to work at < your workplace >?

You should have designated person can even go to her workplace whilst you are away during the week and try to get her contact details/give her yours?

I'm sure that you can come up with many ideas to meet a woman.

Figuring a way to meet her or bump into her is to let her know that you exist, and are interested and for you to find a way to become part of her life if possible. It's what makes a smart or proactive approach.

Smart because it is basically taking control of your emotions and doing something about them instead of just feeling sorry for oneself and never going for what you want. A proactive approach gets your mind thinking positively instead of negatively.

So how do you arrange first meeting with a woman?

When is time to tell a woman that you like her?

How to find common ground to carry conversation on?

What are ways to pick up on body language?

Technique 4: Asking A Woman For Friendship From a Man's Perspective

Don't be Mr. Shy - a woman will never know you like her and nothing will happen. Some other guy will walk in and do what you wanted to all along. The reason most relationships fail is because they don't know how to speak the other persons love language so, after that obsessive in love feeling is gone what is there.

How to know if you have a connection with a woman?

In order to see whether you have a connection with her or not you should (if you can) plan for more meetings with her face to face. The more frequent you see her, more of a bond and connection you will form. If you can make her laugh that would be even better. In summary there isn't necessarily anything particular that you can say or do that will sweep her off her feet.

If she chooses you then it would have been a culmination of things that she will have found attractive about you. All you can really do is be yourself and try to put your best foot forward. Show her how much you like her by being attentive to her needs. I do not mean doing things for her continuously but also give her emotional support etc.

Listen carefully to what she is saying because more often or not valuable clues can be found on how to woo/impress her. Women like guys with passion and a plan.

One of the biggest challenges is getting to notice the signals from the opposite sex. If I lined up the men and the women, and told them to signal attraction, very few would notice the signals! If you have something that you are particularly passionate about or like tell her.

Otherwise just relax and enjoy her company.

Approaching Women By Inviting Her To A Coffee Break

Girls are very hard to read no matter how skillful in dating you are! Figuring out whether women like you can be difficult no matter what the situation.

Coffee break offer is a perfect alternative to lunch, since you may not know so soon if she is interested. You could just say "hey, I'm going on a cappuccino break...have you had a break yet?"

That way, it is not a "date" since it is not lunch and cappuccino is only a dollar or two. If she says no to a "break", then you pretty much have your answer as to what she might say to a "date".

If she says no, then of course don't ask for a date.

It's not the end of the world if she says no. Instead, continue to be polite, but do move on to someone else who returns your feelings of interest.

On the more casual side if you do want to invite her to lunch, make sure that you do it in a manner which makes her the primary objective and not as a secondary casual tag along. Make her aware that you want to have lunch with her because you like her as a person and want to get to know her better.

Technique 5:Signs That A Woman Has A Crush On You

So called nice guys consider themselves polite and easy to get along with, yet they hardly ever attract women. So you figure that it's about time to get a girlfriend. But you might come to conclusion that you are shy and your self-esteem is probably a bit lower than normal.

SO what's your best path to attract and date a woman you've spotted?

My first advice to men with lack of dating experience is: Go and find someone, even if it's not perfect. When it comes to woman, try to be a bit more practical and calculating. Save your true passion for later, because most women don't know what true passion is.

Girls are very hard to read! Figuring out whether women like you can be difficult even for the experienced men.

Finding girls is one of the most difficult things in man's life. But at the same time can be one of the easiest. What I mean is usually when I was concentrating on meeting women, or trying to meet girls or find a date, it has never been easy, and usually never worked out well.

But every time, which is most often, I have sat back and just had a good time doing whatever else I was doing and was myself, is when it happened.

If you are expecting someone perfect to come along and make your life exponentially better, its probably not going to happen. Girls are just like every other group of people on the face of the planet in the sense that they have flaws too.

How To Get Date In A Laid-Back Way?

Share something about yourself and perhaps ask her the odd personal question here and there if you can mange it.

For instance what she did on the weekend? Show some general interests in her as a person.

If she responds to those "personal" questions then it's good for you, you might even find out if she has a boyfriend or not. If she does not answer them then it's probably a good indicator that she is not interested.

Technique 6: What Questions To Ask A Girl To Get A Conversation Going?

You might also want to try to firstly ask woman casually whether guys ask her out a lot and how she handles it. Then when you are about to exit, leave her a letter along with a tip saying something along the lines of:


I understand that you get propositioned a lot from guys and because this happens I just want to pledge to you that I will never ask you out no matter how much I think that you are a wonderful, sincere, kind and beautiful.

I will never ever tell you how much that I like you and that I wish that you would go out with me because I know that it would be wrong and that I do not want to be thrown in with the other guys that have asked you out previously.

Yours sincerely

Introducing yourself

There is no way for a woman not to misinterpret a request for a date, no matter how sincere it is. Unless you know how deep her feeling were from the onset, you might like to play it by ear.

Then you could try to approach her but still take things slowly.

Depending on how much you know her what she likes and dislikes you could try to send her a gift or something later on or just go up and talk to her.

Technique 7: Create Connection With a Woman

Listen carefully to what girl is saying because more often or not valuable clues can be found on how to impress her. Women like guys with passion and a plan. If you have something that you are particularly passionate about or like tell her. Otherwise just relax and enjoy her company.

Be yourself and try to put your best foot forward. Show her how much you like her by being attentive to her interests. The more time that you spend with a woman, the more closer a bond that you will form.

This will only be possible if you do this on a one on one basis.

Then when you do get an opportunity make the most of it and show her a good time.

Dealing With Rejection From Women

When a woman says you "Let Just Be Friends" she is actually saying "You don't turn me on and will NEVER have sex with me" in a nice way. Rejection is an odd thing. It's good because it means you're actually doing something in the right direction instead of feeling powerless and hopeless.

But it may cause you several undesirable feelings ranging from a slight embarrassment to a crushed self-esteem. The only way to get over those feelings is to experience it over and over again.

Another thing was being shy about your looks. That's something you could change. Perhaps you could try working out, dieting, changing eating habits, but not with the intention of getting girls.

If you were to do that, I would hope you do it to help your own self esteem, and make you feel better about yourself. There is almost nothing women love more than a man with confidence, goals, and dreams.


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