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Nanette Geiger
Law of Attraction Coach: Your Thoughts Are Electrical

It's true, your thoughts are electrical and transmit like a radio tower.

The Law of Attraction is the Universal managing system that matches and mirrors back to us what we think about and how we feel about what we're thinking. It's not just the thoughts we have, it's also the emotions and beliefs we have about those thoughts.

So you've wondered why you're not getting what your thinking about?

You might be saying:

I think about finding the perfect job all the time.

I'm always wondering about my ideal mate.

I want more money, I'm always thinking about that.

The Law of Attraction speaks the the language of the Universe which is Energy. And we are speaking an energetic language all day, every day. We are transmitters and receivers of impulses via our senses. Thoughts, the information we hear, the vibrations of smell, touch, and taste. All of it translates into vibration. Sound, color, thoughts, emotions all have vibratory patterns. They're all transmitting vibrational information. We interpret those vibrations as color, patterns, forms, information of one sort or another. If you need the help of a Law of Attraction Coach, by all means go get it! Using an independent listener to check in with will help you move off outdated patterns much faster.

The Universe understands vibration. It doesn't understand English, French, or Spanish. You can't say I want more money and vibrate at the frequency of 'poor me' and expect the results you're after. The Universe responds to your vibration, not your words.

Your thoughts are electrical. They have frequencies. The power behind those frequencies is the regularity of what your transmitting. Emotion, feelings, energy, vibration, frequencies are all synonymous here. Using the Law of Attraction is amazingly powerful for Relationship Attraction, and it's not hard to grasp.

Here is where our programming comes into play. If you haven't seen any movement in what you're wanting to attract, then got some pretty well worn ruts keeping you stuck. Habit patterns of thought that don't serve you. We all act from the programming that we were raised with. Are you questioning what those beliefs are? Are you noticing that you have some internal dialogs in place that no longer serve you?

- How hard it is in this economy.

- How I was never trained on how to manage money.

- How I'm over the hill all the jobs are going to youngsters.

Are you arguing FOR your limitations?

The Universe can handle the details of matching you up with your desire. You have to get the static off the wire. Here's an Action Step for you: When you notice your old self-talk, pivot off that and think better feeling thoughts. Become a magnet to what you desire and you'll start attracting more of what you want in life.

Nanette Geiger

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