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What do women want from a relationship? What do women want from a marriage? These are probably questions many guys are looking an answer to. If any man knows the answer to these questions and act by it, he would get a happy and loyal partner in return.

Women want Men to understand them: Many women would want their men to read their mind. But unfortunately most men are not good mind readers. So guys looking to win the love of girl should develop a good communication with her and be a good listener when she talks. Try to get to know her passions, interests, hobbies and other things about her. A woman looks for appreciation and support from her partner.

Women want Men to be Honest to them: Women expect honesty from their man. A woman can't stand lies and infidelity from a partner. Women are often good with their intuitions and can find if the man is cheating. Cheating can ruin any relationship and it is difficult to build trust in the partner again. On the other hand, if you are loyal and honest to your partner it would make her feel secured and relaxed.

Women want men to Love them: Women want to know and feel that they are loved. Shower your love on your women by way of Gifts, comforts and gestures. Add good sex and romance to it and you would get her loyalty and devotion instead.

Women want men to respect them:Women would not want men to call them names or beat them or treat like a door mat. Women want their men to how them through actions that you respect their opinions, careers, interests, friends, bodies and minds.

Women want their men to be committed to them: Women do not want their men taking them for a ride or taken as granted. Majority of women look for Very some sort of commitment in a relationship. No woman likes being taken for a ride. If you are a man who is willing to take a step towards commitment then that would make your women very happy.

As the saying goes What you give is what you get. If you want your partner to treat you well then you should treat her well too. In short, treat your women the way you want yourself to be treated. If you want a good wife then you should be a good husband. That makes sense, right?

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